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We Bleed Green


My heart bleeds green

Despite the hurt around

My soul drowns in Optimism

This keeps me growing

Original idea(Mode Zero): Even though we weep and bleed under hardship, we cry green, home is always home.

Tear Drops!

In shades of green and white

Even when the walls collapse

My heart races in “Nehemic”- concern.


We can’t say we love the storms

But we will work to bring relief to others

One by one,to the other one ,we will show concern

Till the whole nation bleed green.

I will work

Green ideas that will blossom

Today  we work

One by one,to the other one,we will spread change.

Till the day comes when we see true change.
– Phlegvinyl.



So I stopped writing
Cos I saw what others were writing
Then felt bad for my writing
So I decided to let the writers write.

But on this write thing
What exactly is the right thing ?
Cos I’ m constantly bugged by word stings
The battle within.

So let me try again
Maybe the lines will fall in pleasant places
Not about bylines
But let my heart hit the pages on the same line.

Museless,I will fuse words
Thoughts from my breathe
Cause the melting point of letters.

In this world where feet are inks
They have worked theirs
They are working theirs
I will work mine.

Pen is picked.


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On this day when the year takes a leap

The baby within me takes a leap

All thoughts in high flying steps

But for now! Ideas are lit.


I will take risks

I will jump the valleys high and low

Scale mountains before me in banshi focus

cos within me a true Alpha is been brewed


This year takes a leap from the normal

As a star born on the start

I will star well in its beautiful movie

Intentionally painting stories.


I have been slow to start

Fast within : without force outside

Crying cranging cranking front courses

This movie just got a new scene

It leaped.

  • Phlegvinyl





Khaki Search

I am still searching
Haven’t found
Haven’t seen
All vague no clarity

I still haven’t felt that feeling
No hearts in green ensemble
Holes but no bolts
In my fathers serve,I found no lass

Maybe I need a new glass
Cos this thing looks out of my class
Did Camp zap me of all cupids fluid?
Maybe I need a new juice.

Seconds into precious minutes
Days have formed weeks that made months
Still no lass that forces the khaki bliss

Father! I am still serving this land
Do you have love?
Give me now
For I will soon be through

– Phlegvinyl

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I can hear my heart bleed in tunes
Turns that defy the rounds
All cos thoughts
Are coming in barking banging barrage

My mind cringes
In pains of flows
All parts craving for the whole
Little mind,little City,who wins?

White stained black
Looking for grey
Cos the sides look more than two
Its no coin.

But the battle rages
In tunes with Joyce’s title
The mind;the battle feild
This I can’ t stop!

Ideas lock on
But the guns fire blanks
Held back by mental safety clicks
When life needs more actions.

My head seems loaded
But my books of Acts is empty
Maybe I need to be pushed
To refocus,the focus on a focused lane
This Mind,when I win it,I truly win.

Fight On.

Phlegvinyl ® (02/16)

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Club Lights

Can you hear the sounds
Base lifts
Drum rolls reeling erotic moves
Catch yours!Get trapped in the trips.

I am Adam
Receiving all forms of apple from Eve
Within this garden where Music lives
This is no Eden,Tigris flows in booze.

Trapped behehe hind,she is in front
Transcending timelines of ecstasy
Lights lit ,timed to the beats
All within and without the spills

Shakes that keep your mind of issues
Slowly,arse-Caressing laps
Twerk- produced sweetness
It may sting,but for the honey we go.

Let’s Dance
I want to be lost in you
Give me you
Everything else will wait.
At least for now.


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As a father
He Leaves home hopeful of coming back
Daddy Daddy!
His son cries out
Sometimes the last shout.

As a husband
Every bed moments spent like last
Every thrust is savoured
Except heaven now has a chance for Orgasm
Maybe?Just Maybe.

As a son
Mummy calls before each journey
Prayers laced in every words
Heart thumps at every news
Maybe this was the route for his roots;she consoles herself.

To the enemy
A prey to be killed
Target for shots
Just another breathe to end
Shots fired …

He is another man
Dressed in his green
He makes sure all things are green and peaceful
All steps ordered
To restore Order.

Danger lurks,still he stares
Trouble calls,He answers
All for me,He is the legend
Today,his sacrifice is celebrated.