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The Nut

Trapped in its comma
It tells the full story.
No, its bean-like
Guarded by flowers;it blossoms in green.

Then it leaves green
Taking shades of new colours
New growth times,new shines.
Green,yellow and sometimes red.

Nature has a traffic light.

The fruit is sweet
The seed can leave permanent stains in mix
For the clothe;it spoils
In the hands of an expert,the skin it beautifies.

I am reminded of my yard stories
Under the tree,with the three
We played free
Then the fruits;a chopping spree.


This glee …
From a fruit that can make you flee
But it describes life
There are always twists,turns  and tales in different shades.




I have eved the Adam out of myself
Sunk deep
Roots down
I doubt my dive can carry me.

I wanted the apple
I craved a piece of the pie
So much to touch with my eyes
Can I say it was worth it?

Pants! Groans that end in moans
Flaccidly growing strong in grace
Pictures became actions
I stabbed myself with my self.

This ladder
Leads down the tunnel
I know
Yet I climb down.


I am hunted by the gates of my mind
Won’t go further
Won’t search farther
I think this risk is risky enough
Halt! Spill out.

Eve is still calling
Feed off the riches of my blossom
She says
Find out the depth nature gave
She asks.

But this tree!its fruit
Will give me a cherubim exit escort
No pain,still no gain,maybe a stain.
Momentary grains!but seeds sown.

But No!I mean No.

I brought a thief to my bank
Now I am hoping I will not be robbed
I have flaming coals in my blossom
And hoping I ain’t burnt.

My self deception is class
I hope I don’t repeat this class.
Now I am trapped
In the middle where man died.

– Phlegvinyl.

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Fears mixed with smoky view

charred lives

Still the people believe still


Dalori who did this to you?

Your huts torched

hearts brutally touched

Missing persons! Torment the cause.


Dalori! Under the attack of bullets

shrills of voices can be heard within

Beauty has been charred

bullets of sorrow shot

Casualties abound.


Dalori cries for help

mothers looking for sons

bodies looking for parts

tears rolling down face paths

cos the city is in pain.


Dalori is not concerned about Aso

for today, the rock has blasted on them

All she needs is help

Not trades of blame, she is no market


Dalori waited for boots

while hoots rent the air in catastrophic bouts


Dalori voted to have peace

can we give them peace?

she needs your prayers

can you say one?


Dalori is on fire

mokes may be down

But hearts still burn

In their race for safety

Death pursued in veiled bombs


Dalori is naked

She is hurt

No good turn in the city

She will rise again

But now in pains

She weeps!

  • Phlegvinyl’ 16


Bed Alone

1454271393713-809758335Bed alone
No smile to turn to
No nudge to feel
Lips touch,but only in the mind

Bed alone
No squeeze,no embrace
No eyes to lock on,and emotions explode
No close range cupid shots

I will use my mind
Cos I can’t afford all absence
I will replay the scenes
They are strong enough to form a touch
O Eve!this apple I will bite again
This time,to keep me in Eden

Tears drop
To line the paths of our love
So its easy to trace back
Where we left of
When we meet again

But tonight,its bed alone
I can only wish and dream
That I roll over
And feel your kiss
This I miss

– Phlegvinyl

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Hello Ope!
It’s me your muse
Are we fighting?
You use me no more.


Tell me!

Is there a conflict?
Cos! The connection seems sour
And I can see your works without me.


Please tell me!
Have you found a way to bypass my touch?
My smooch don’t make sense no more
How about the warm embrace of my lips
You can’t just leave me you know.


Talk to me
Let your hands trace my rib bones
Please dine in my bosom
Come onto me and let’s birth words
Let me give you the best of my world.


He answers!
I have moved on
I will write my weaknesses away
Mused or not
I will find another excitement for my ink

Madam I miss the comfort of your chestly two cities
I am still drawn to the depths of your lips
But I will not be held to ransom
With or without you, I will write.


But there is still a chance
Will you ride with me?
Let’s stain the world with words
From the hooves of our journey


Will you dine with me?
Let us touch the heights of pleasure
And show the world where it ends
Blood stained inks
Written and bold

But with or without you, I will write.

– Phlegvinyl


Men ought to work and rest too
Not allowing one to cause waterloo
Try to work on the form
So as for us to have a bountiful harvest

Maketh not too much cockoo
When you know you are not yet through
Do not thrive in active cram
For your work will put to test

Let not your hands feeble
With it;make your heart stable
And then you will mount above the world’s table
With people watching you on Cable

Know when to sheath your sword
learn to keep your word
Align to the foundations above the world
Things will not remain the same