I am olugbemiro Opeyemi Michael,a young poet and writer with a heart that loves  God.

Growing up,writing has always been a passion.Its therapeutic and gives tangibility to thoughts.

My roots as a christian affects the colouration of my thought in words. So I like to write about the truth and how it affects all shades of life.So from this base,I try to explore the issues of life and other day to day happenings.

But my Poetry.

Yes my poetry. It can be complex at times. Capturing different thought patterns and breathing life into them with connecting ducts of rhymes and scheme.

This blog will herald my view about world. I will talk about any idea,ideology,thought or issue that catches my fancy.

What do I think the world should be like? How do I think  mind works? So this is about relating to you from what I think.So I will appreciate it if you interact with me based on what you read.


I like intellectuall discussions. I like sharing /interacting based on wonderful ideas.So I will like it when  tell me what you think about what I am thinking(Or have thought ).

You can use the comment Box or any of my social media platforms. On twitter,I am @phlegvinyl

Facebook: OlugbemiroPhlegvinyl Opeyemi

Email : Olugbemiroopeyemi@gmail. Com

You are welcome.Enjoy your read.









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