Let me tell you a story.

A story of a tree with green, fresh and lush leaves. After years of beautiful strategic roots, shooting down in earth-aims boosted by natural anchors to the supernatural; it was the year to bear fruits. The fruits dropped, he needed just one person to pick it up and enjoy the fullness of the amazing journey, lo and behold, one became three. At a point where he stopped searching, a new search begun, to choose who gets the best bite.

Maybe that is a story that is wrapped in terms not shown but the realities is an experience now felt.

As I longed for touches with beautiful rhythms, songs in mind with careful lines etched in the depth of future memories. Every touch had a marker, every feel dug a depth and every sight caused a bang. In the midst of all, each drum made me dance to a different tune; each time, the tune seemed like the one that mattered the most.

From your heights you can call it confusion; from my depths, I see it as a journey towards clarity. Two roads diverged in an earthly move, but we choose the moods that gave us the deepest soothing. For now, I am in Eden; Tigris holds my heart, Euphrates leaves me gasping for breath, Gihon knows the different tones that lit my spirit while Pihon anchors me deeply in places I love to go. I am nourished on all sides, but in my search for the tree of life, beyond the level of the knowledge of good and evil, I am naked and waiting for God.

I have eaten the fruit.


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