The business of People- My CSi Experience.

The business of meeting people is an awesome asset to invest in.

People- they are the building block of major achievements in life. You will work with people, work for people, add value to people or other people-centric efforts to move from one stage of life to another. Hence, understanding how to leverage your *connect –relationships- is important.

Joel Ogunsola is a friend that I am happy I know. The fact that I have his number on my speed dial almost certainly gives me a surety to getting to someone I need to meet. Often times, he knows someone that knows someone that has a solution to the problem you are trying to solve.

So when I heard he was going to be giving a talk on this awesome gift of his –connecting the right people- at #CSiInhouseTraining, I made up my mind not to miss it for anything. Armed with my red coloured diary-4C issue (You know the way those FBI guys talk about their bureau issued pistol shey?), my blue inked biro and a mind inked with an internal plan to take a leap, the journey started.

The blue biro and 4C- Issued Diary. Men @ Work


Already, it houses FourthCanvas, Prunedge, TwickMedia Group and CSi. The plan is to turn it into a silicon valley of solutions; come to think of it, the current brands in the area are already dishing out globally relevant innovations.

So I was in CSi HQ for the first time, for a meeting I was attending for the first time…to equip me with ready skills of making an excellent impression with people I meet for the first time. A lot of first times.

Toyosi Ayeleso, another awesome guy, one of the men steering the progress wheels of the CSi ship (In my mind, I called this like US Navy ship, Nathan James) ignited the fire for the day. He spoke on the need to identify people based on the kind of value they can bring to the table, ranging from Emotional to functional, psychological and yes, the one you want to hear, monetary. Most importantly, having excellent people skills is a great asset. Understanding where you stand in terms of giving or receiving value is an important part of the whole fit of self-awareness; which is important in beautifully tailored growth.



Enter a caToyosi Ayeleso (Partner, CSi Media)


So what kind of value do you offer to those around you?

I love gospel tunes. I have a few favourite artists. However, today I had a new name – Muyiwa Famuyide. Google to the rescue. After downloading the necessary background information, I adjusted for new lessons.



Mr Famuyide

Mr Famuyide set the pace with explaining that understanding yourself and what you can bring to the table is the first step towards maximising the relationships you have in the journey of life.

“Having exposure, contacts and the likes do not have the desired effect if there is an issue with the inside”

When that is done, next step: Know the people in your life for reasons, the ones in your life for a season and the people who are there for life. This gives your life a needed balance in the drift of life.

Also, he emphasised the importance to be real in relationships. Be you. This helps you to maintain a trustworthy experience.

Then Joel.

I met Joel for the first time when I was planning for my event in Akure- Leadership Clinic with DayoNigeria. The relationship has grown over the years and he has grown to be a connecting fibre to timeless sources of relationships, opportunities and information. So when he stood, my ears stood in readiness to glean.


My Realest G, Joel Ogunsola
My Realest G, Joel Ogunsola

One key thing,”Read! Read! Get as much knowledge as possible, this will help you maintain excellent conversations that will launch you into new levels of relationship”, he explained. He emphasised the need to be constructively sincere in our dealings with other people. For Joel, it is important you learn to listen well and be genuinely interested in meeting people. “How many Cards do we collect that we never use again, never pick again and may never even think of …but holding value oriented conversations that leave a long-lasting impression is important”. In my head, it just screamed like “Cards o jawo mo! Let the cards be the extra added information when a conversation of value has been planted, the seeds will germinate into valuable connections”.

On converting relationships to clientship and vice versa, Joel advised that “When you commit to something, do it. If you cannot unavoidably meet up, be prompt in sincerely giving reasons why you could not meet up”.

When you love something, things you can do for free…keep at it, continue to build value that people will need and money will come- Joel Ogunsola.

One great pick for me from Joel’s impact-laden talk was: Gatekeepers are important. Gatekeepers in this context mean people that the principal — the person you want to meet- value their opinions. This can range from drivers to personal assistants, children to neighbours, partners to friends. Treat everybody rightly and politely, you do not know who has the key to the ears you want to speak to. This was for me.

At the end, the crux of the matter was that carefully manage relationships that you create the right expectations from both sides; mutually beneficial value exchange and forward driven conversations that can give your life a leap.

Learn and let’s live.


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