If you were born in Nigeria, Mosquitoes are normal.

I spent few moments in Eneka. Sandy, real air, devoid of the major Port Harcourt bustle, but brimming with the City’s hustling spirit. Rumuokwurusi ,some Ikwerre’s are angry, it’s now called “rumuokwurushe”,that’s was easier to pronounce for the very many Yoruba Taxi drivers then. But maybe in a bid to take back their land, everybody drives the taxis now,especially the cup sized yellow painted NAPEPs. It’s more tribeless now. Maybe the real pronunciations will come back.

Back to the story, Rumuokwurusi welcomes you, Tank is a melting point enroute Atali, then Elimgbu and finally, Eneka.This was the first place I got a new name for Mosquitoes, Gbemisola calls it “Mosquero”.

After wonderful experiences of the insects, we gave it another name, like the dreaded name that should not be mentioned, the Harry Potter way. They are that dangerous.

They are neighbors,but they suck blood.

When I hear of countries like the United States of America, where it’s been completely eradicated, I imagine how life would be without those small insects with powerful bites. Then the wa-hun sounds, that’s like the arrival of the itchy warriors,contemplating the part of your body to conquer.

The tales. The Clap, sometimes the slaps. The jumps and pains when your claps of fury misses it’s prey. I wonder why it settles for the night to attack.

If you are fortunate, you wake up in the night;then the feeling of being unfortunate comes, when you put on the lights. A swarm of angry looking mosquitoes all over your body.

Yes. Even in Nigeria, mosquitoes are place specific. They frequent places that help them breed. Breathe.
While others have used technology to fight this battle against the tiny legged warriors,some have other chemical and natural means.

I spent few days in Offa, we used Odomos. My house in Rumuokwurusi, mummy bought Mosquito repellent sprays… I hear there are now tech solutions.
Even Sterile Mosquitoes, I wonder how people thought of using sex to ignite a kill switch.
Anyway, these mosquitoes must die.

But this night, the Akure Mosquito brigade, has had its fill.

What’s your mosquito story?