My week started with a bang.

On Sunday, 11th of December, 2016 the second edition of the Leadership Clinic with DayoNigeria held in Akure. The event with the theme: Achieving my dream Nigeria through Technology brought together some of the best tech minds in South West Nigeria and youths who are passionate about positively impacting the world, one community at a time.

So the atmosphere was charged with patriotism, innovation, excellence and discussions aimed at creating indigenous solutions to the myriads of problems facing the nation.  The first edition of the clinic which held in September revolved around the Practicality of Leadership; Pastor Akin Ojo and Segun Omojola led interactions that beamed the spot light on the thought that you are a leader where you are. However, this edition focused on how technology can be used to solve problems.

With this objective in mind, we carefully chose very excellent panellists and speakers; people who are already making efforts aimed at making the world a better place, one innovation at a time.

Usman Abiola (He’s the co-founder of cMapIT; An innovative geospatial company that won the Most Innovative Tech Company in the Emerging Markets Award by MongoDB (New York). He’s the GDG lead of LAUTECH. He mixes pixel(Graphics/UI/UX) to create good digital products ). You should have seen him articulate the importance of data in creating usable solutions. He stressed that you need to think like the people you are innovating solutions for, while also explaining that excellent market survey is important in ensuring sustainable tech business models.


Emmanuel Odunlade (Co-Founder DevsDistrict and winner Access Bank Prize for Innovation 2016) stressed the need for students and youths to create ecosystems that are suitable for creating solutions. In his words, the beauty of Nigeria will only be achieved by Nigerians.

Victor Fatanmi (Lead Creative at the brand identity-specialized design agency FourthCanvas. With years of a wider design experience, working on presidential media campaigns in Nigeria and Ghana as well on ground breaking media campaigns like the StopEbola (2014) and a number of other projects for businesses in Lagos and New York, he readily comes with a wealth of experience in the visual communication/media industry.) Explained that it is increasingly becoming important for brands to create user friendly identity, hence the space is open for youths to get engaged in.

Can we build the nation together? Victor Fatanmi ( FourthCANVAS) and Emmanuel Odunlade (DevsDistrict)

Evi Uwede (Campus Director, Hultz Prize and INTEL ambassador FUTA). Evi opined that there are a lot of opportunities for women in technology. She called on parents, institutions and systems to encourage ladies to be part of the tech ecosystem creating and innovating tech solutions.

Evi Uwede

Olufemi Iroko (Co-founder, Career Drive Academy and GEMSTONE Ondo State Coordinator) enlightened that Technology has become a leveller; citizens at different spheres can now effectively play a part in building Nigeria. He emphasised, more than ever before Nigerians should engage in rebuilding the systems, working with those in the TECH ecosystem to build the Nigeria of our dream.


Aboluwarin Kitan-David (Co- Founder Planet Nest – An incubation hub in Akure focused on helping student entrepreneurs create and grow successful businesses) explained that in creating successful businesses, we should always leverage on quality relationships based on areas of strength. He stressed that when we focus on value, money will come.

In his keynote address, Joel Ogunsola (founder/managing partner for Prunedge a social enterprise poised to advance humanity through technology. Prior to him co-founding Prunedge he was the Microsoft Education Technical Advisor for Microsoft Nigeria. He is the curator for TEDxAkure, an independently organized TED event. Joel founded Tech4Dev – a technology non-profit organization that seeks to create proactive and reactive solutions to the world’s greatest problems, with primary focus on public health, education & Civic engagement) opined that with the increasing access to technology, it has become imperative for Nigerians to collaborate towards creating solutions that are people centric and aimed at developing our communities.


The event also provided a platform for great minds to network, we agreed that: Collaboration is the new competition.

More than ever before, we need to begin to channel the discussions towards making impact. We need to support platforms that encourage the values of truth, values, equity and justice. We should network with like minds that think social development. The leadership Clinic with DayoNigeria Akure 2.0 has come and gone in terms of time, but the impact will be long lasting.

I want to take out this opportunity to appreciate Joel Ogunsola ( Managing Partner, Prunedge), Segun Ketiku ( VP Raves Digital), Emmanuel Odunlade (  Devs District), Kitan Aboluwarin ( Planet Nest), Uma Photography ( You have seen the pictures, this brand was beautiful!)FourthCanvas –they handled a lot of our designs and branding, Adetimehin Ademola, Areji Owolabi, My Pastor – Akin Ojo and many others for their support in making this programme a success.  Thank you  DayoNigeria for nudging me towards putting my thoughts into action.

The team; from L-R Adetunji Ogunoye(Sigma Brands), Adeniyi Joel (YALI fellow), Joel Ogunsola (Prunedge), Opeyemi Olugbemiro ( Convener), Evi Uwede ( Hultz prize Campus Director ,FUTA),Olufemi Iroko (CareerDrive Academy), Emmanuel Odunlade ( Devs District), Usman Abiola ( CMapIt Hub), Victor Fatanmi ( FourthCanvas), Aboluwarin Kitan-Davids (PlanetNest)

Thank you.

For those of us that attended, I hope you learnt and made connections that will brighten your horizon, thank you very much for coming. I learnt something. My network has been boosted.

With all hands on deck: I, you and all our partners, the next edition – Leadership Clinic Akure 3.0 will be better.

Together we shine bright.



Opeyemi Olugbemiro


Coordinator, leadership Clinic with Dayo Nigeria


Twitter : @AkureClinic @O_gbemiro


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