​Sometimes last year,I was still serving and my friend – Vyvian Ugwudinso just got a house at south gate(FUTA).
On the happy day I was to visit ,I stopped at an eatery some distance to her house to eat. The lady that attended to me was well mannered,spoke polished English and was happy about the business she was doing. I happily ate the food and in my mind,this was the eatery/restaurant I will go to through out my service year.

I spoke about it till I got to vyvian’s place,Alizor Precious was there too and they concurred that they had received similar five-star treatment.
Anyway,the place was far from my house ,I was staying at Ilara,so other “Buka’s” and eatery too her place,including that woman that spoke Igbo around Otosirieze Obi-Young ‘s house( Her meals were the closest I could get to PH standard,until I recently found one at NEPA area- The Oha soup is beautiful).
The story is,fast forward to today,I had a bad experience in the same restaurant. I won’t go back there again,Never. 

Sadly,the owner wasnt around,it was her sales girl ,maybe waitress. First of all,I sat down,waited for her to peel paw paw for someone outside the restaurant…. with her Upandan movement punctuated by a concerned friend to the brand telling her “E wa da customer e lohun”.
At last she came.
Served the food on the rack,I went to pick it,before I even settled in on my seat….she was like “Your money abeg”,I never sit down oh…..and she rudely continued. I was like,I will give it to her that ain’t running away,then she muttered something along the line of “That’s how you can just eat and go away”. 
At that point,I had started leaving the food for her to come eat or take back. Cos ,I was walking out,I mean away. Then that concerned friend,who I think has a shop behind the ‘Buka”, approached and pacified me.
Yes I ate.
Paid and left. But there and then,I made up my mind ,Never again.

The same brand,different experiences,different reactions. One made me want to always come back,the other has just made me choose never to go back there. 
I told my friend,who I came to visit and he said he mad that decision a long time ago.

For a brand to thrive,you need to consistently make effort to have a system that treats customers right. And in this era of social media,one wrong decision can boomerang.

But for now,it may be the Kitchen of her praise,but its not a kitchen of my praise(The name of the restaurant dey this sentence).


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