Migrained : We All Need Someone.

Thank God for the new week!

I mean it literally, it is not like I am speaking *christianese.

The previous week has been an experience. I broke down. The second time within two months- this is not normal, I seldom fall sick.

So on Wednesday, I did the last corpers wee hangout with the only remaining Akure Bae I had- Tominsin (Congratulations dear). As at then, the headache started slightly, I thought it will pass…it dint oh. I woke up the next day with it, and then it chose a parking lot – the left side of my head. It parked and started banging.

Shey when someone has headache, the next advice is for the person to have a good rest, but sleep no gree come oh.  The nights were short; I woke up intermittently feeling hyper about nothing. Imagine!

So Thursday

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Morning… it was a hell of a migraine!

Paracetamol was ineffective, Panadol Extra gave a very minute relief… then the names of the bigger drugs began to roll in.

Me, I wasn’t ready. The ones I was taking, the taste were in my mouth; I could perceive them in my catarrh and even my saliva. I dint need a new taste. So, I just gave in.

This is Sunday evening; I can sit down and type.

Praise God!

The worst part of being sick for me was not having friends in Akure check on me. I got calls from far away Kaduna (My Personal Assistant, Flora), Benin (Ernest Agbonlahor), Lagos ( Tomilade), Benin ( Josiah Jighere)…

Now the excuse is that I dint inform them. I dint tell them. So make I go dey announce say “I am Sick Oh! I am Sick Oh” ( Lolz) . Anyway, maybe because one way or the other, I always look like a superman. But I dropped hints on facebook nah… (What of if, they dint have data).

However, it made me learn something; people always need people they care about around. We subconsciously expect those we think care about us to know when we are not fine. While this is not always good, I just feel we need to do more to hear from those we love. A call, ping, chat… message. Keep in touch.


Sometimes sef, I can intentionally or unintentionally show that like I don’t need you, I need you oh! Please call or chat.
What am I writing sef….? Don’t mind me, after 4 days of not been able to peacefully use your head, you will just be writing anyhow.

And Ehen, Jerry is back in my life, I will be pushing more limits now. Jordan Belonwu where are you joorh?

But for you, yes you reading this… keep in touch with those you love; people are the Joy of living.


3 thoughts on “Migrained : We All Need Someone.”

  1. Hmmmmmmm. So this is your way of toasting us. Pele. Next time, come and eat my food. It is potent enough to cure cancer.

    Recently, I learnt the hard way that being superwoman could make people around you gloat when you finally break down. Not intentionally but finally, so you can be down thought. But it is well. What am I raving about sef. Still recovering from malaria


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