My Creed

Sometimes there is this crave to want to sound objective, not biased , “Intellectual” etc. that you begin to leave your faith out of discussions,interactions and posts.Especially when you have a lot of intelligent free thinkers, Atheists ,those that are confused about what they want as spiritual anchor and non Christians around you – offline & Online.
So sometimes we want to leave religion out of it. Often times,even among brethren,you can hear “Let’s leave the bible now and face reality”. Then I wonder.

However,I never want to get to the point where I will sacrifice who I am- a christian on the altar of sounding “intelligent”, ” Unbiased” and other convenient themes that fit the bill.

But there is a balance, I will relate with all without judging, I want to learn and continue to grow towards providing solutions that positively affect lives beyond the walls of faith. After all,I am a light to lit the world and salt to preserve the earth. So I love to celebrate the meeting points and let love be the modus Operandi.

I am a christian. I accept/agree with the infallibility of the scriptures. I have my issues and delinquent moments,but I am on  steady growth trips. 

I respect the views of others and appreciate our ideological fault lines.

Side Bar
: There are smart Christians. A lot. Cos ,often times the experiences of people in Nigeria (Africa) have made some people associate mediocrity with the faith. Sometimes, they even think we don’t Think. So this is a call,do you have Christ? Let the world see his greatness through you. Live out the best. Be the best.



I am still looking for a word that properly captures when “ You really did not want to do something, then someone you respect or who is your boss makes you do it and at the end you begin to thank God  you went/did it” . Do you have an idea of what I can call it that will not sound spiritual?  Let me just call it grace ordered steps jare.

So I had planned to spend the 17th of November, 2016 with a close friend; she had not been around for a while, the town had been a little boring, so we wanted to hang out.

Then On the previous day, 16th

“Ope…come”, I jumped to meet my Head of News (who has been an inspiration yea! Steadily pushing my limits), I thought he wanted to give me something-maybe money with the way he called. But then he handed me a piece of paper, with the words “Cover this event”.  My mind just screamed: Ope your plans!

I tried to appeal, but with smiles written on his face, he disagreed and the last order was “Cover this event”.

The D-day, Thursday, Sunview Hotel Alagbaka, I was on sit before the programme started. Little did I know that I was in for an awesome ride.

It was a public presentation on Election Security Threat Assessment towards the 2016 Governorship Election in Ondo State by CLEEN Foundation.


The presentation was handled by a professor of Political Science, Prof. Shola Omotola. It was a detailed research on identifying trends, issues and security hot-spots ahead of the governorship election in Ondo State.   If I am to describe the work and presentation in one word, I will call it: Excellent. I learnt and my recent nudge to do some mass media research works were reawaken.

Few minutes into the session, tea was served, with small chops, pepper-fried chicken and meat pie. How won’t I listen?

Then the Director General of the Electoral Institute of INEC, Prof. Abubakar Momoh shared practical applications on how the findings, conclusions can be used in real life situations, citing historical perspectives.

Prof. Abubakar Momoh



I really learnt.

Apart from the fact that it was an assignment, it was rewarding in all ramification. Let me add that there was a buffet at the end of the presentation: I just did coleslaw, fried and jollof rice, Roasted Fish, Chicken and an Apple to complete the munch routine.

The only time I have seen a training this packaged in terms of Quality content, participants well taken care of and a serene environment is when you pay to attend. But this, you dint pay to attend. However, it is important to know that nothing is free, most likely the financial burden would have been shared by sponsors and partners. DFID (Department for International Development) – stuck to my mind as one of the partners on the banner.

I am excited about happenings like this. I like well packaged programmes aimed at impacting lives for the better and making the world we live in a better place. This programme has endeared me to CLEEN and I can only wish that a lot of the development initiatives (Sponsored locally and internationally) are leveraged to really bring the needed help to those that need it.

Again, I am encouraged to push on with the little effort I am starting with Dayo Nigeria in Akure – The leadership Clinic. The first edition was mega impactful (at least from the feedback I got from those that attended) as we discussed the practicality of leadership.

 This next one, we want to leverage on the technology for Social development space and discuss: Achieving our dream Nigeria through Technology; The leadership perspective.  I am working with excellent minds like Joel Ogunsola ( Prunedge), Kiitan Aboluwarin ( Planet Nest), Emmanuel Odunlade ( DevsDistrict) …( I hope this list increases). The plan is to have an ideathon that will engage participants in discussing leveraging technology to champion an inclusive national development from the grassroot.  Sunday, 11th December, 3pm …if you are in Akure or you know someone in this town who would be interested, let us make it a date ( You can register here or for further enquiry:

I hope one day it grows and surpasses the standard CLEEN exposed me to.

There are reasons to give up on my wonderful country, but I remain hopeful. In our quest to build the Nigeria of our dream, together we shine bright.


*CLEEN Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that seeks to promote public safety, security and justice sector reform.







​Sometimes last year,I was still serving and my friend – Vyvian Ugwudinso just got a house at south gate(FUTA).
On the happy day I was to visit ,I stopped at an eatery some distance to her house to eat. The lady that attended to me was well mannered,spoke polished English and was happy about the business she was doing. I happily ate the food and in my mind,this was the eatery/restaurant I will go to through out my service year.

I spoke about it till I got to vyvian’s place,Alizor Precious was there too and they concurred that they had received similar five-star treatment.
Anyway,the place was far from my house ,I was staying at Ilara,so other “Buka’s” and eatery too her place,including that woman that spoke Igbo around Otosirieze Obi-Young ‘s house( Her meals were the closest I could get to PH standard,until I recently found one at NEPA area- The Oha soup is beautiful).
The story is,fast forward to today,I had a bad experience in the same restaurant. I won’t go back there again,Never. 

Sadly,the owner wasnt around,it was her sales girl ,maybe waitress. First of all,I sat down,waited for her to peel paw paw for someone outside the restaurant…. with her Upandan movement punctuated by a concerned friend to the brand telling her “E wa da customer e lohun”.
At last she came.
Served the food on the rack,I went to pick it,before I even settled in on my seat….she was like “Your money abeg”,I never sit down oh…..and she rudely continued. I was like,I will give it to her that ain’t running away,then she muttered something along the line of “That’s how you can just eat and go away”. 
At that point,I had started leaving the food for her to come eat or take back. Cos ,I was walking out,I mean away. Then that concerned friend,who I think has a shop behind the ‘Buka”, approached and pacified me.
Yes I ate.
Paid and left. But there and then,I made up my mind ,Never again.

The same brand,different experiences,different reactions. One made me want to always come back,the other has just made me choose never to go back there. 
I told my friend,who I came to visit and he said he mad that decision a long time ago.

For a brand to thrive,you need to consistently make effort to have a system that treats customers right. And in this era of social media,one wrong decision can boomerang.

But for now,it may be the Kitchen of her praise,but its not a kitchen of my praise(The name of the restaurant dey this sentence).

Migrained : We All Need Someone.

Thank God for the new week!

I mean it literally, it is not like I am speaking *christianese.

The previous week has been an experience. I broke down. The second time within two months- this is not normal, I seldom fall sick.

So on Wednesday, I did the last corpers wee hangout with the only remaining Akure Bae I had- Tominsin (Congratulations dear). As at then, the headache started slightly, I thought it will pass…it dint oh. I woke up the next day with it, and then it chose a parking lot – the left side of my head. It parked and started banging.

Shey when someone has headache, the next advice is for the person to have a good rest, but sleep no gree come oh.  The nights were short; I woke up intermittently feeling hyper about nothing. Imagine!

So Thursday

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Morning… it was a hell of a migraine!

Paracetamol was ineffective, Panadol Extra gave a very minute relief… then the names of the bigger drugs began to roll in.

Me, I wasn’t ready. The ones I was taking, the taste were in my mouth; I could perceive them in my catarrh and even my saliva. I dint need a new taste. So, I just gave in.

This is Sunday evening; I can sit down and type.

Praise God!

The worst part of being sick for me was not having friends in Akure check on me. I got calls from far away Kaduna (My Personal Assistant, Flora), Benin (Ernest Agbonlahor), Lagos ( Tomilade), Benin ( Josiah Jighere)…

Now the excuse is that I dint inform them. I dint tell them. So make I go dey announce say “I am Sick Oh! I am Sick Oh” ( Lolz) . Anyway, maybe because one way or the other, I always look like a superman. But I dropped hints on facebook nah… (What of if, they dint have data).

However, it made me learn something; people always need people they care about around. We subconsciously expect those we think care about us to know when we are not fine. While this is not always good, I just feel we need to do more to hear from those we love. A call, ping, chat… message. Keep in touch.


Sometimes sef, I can intentionally or unintentionally show that like I don’t need you, I need you oh! Please call or chat.
What am I writing sef….? Don’t mind me, after 4 days of not been able to peacefully use your head, you will just be writing anyhow.

And Ehen, Jerry is back in my life, I will be pushing more limits now. Jordan Belonwu where are you joorh?

But for you, yes you reading this… keep in touch with those you love; people are the Joy of living.