World Peace Day!

Peace Itimi is one of the ladies I love and respect so much in this world! I mean in the whole wide the world.

She is smart, spiritual, geeky, and intelligent and has a very sound mind.

Today she is 21. Are you surprised she is 21? hahahha…you are welcome to the queue.

To celebrate her, I made her go through a spontaneous interview session.
Join me, as we try to unravel this gracious beauty.
Q. May we meet you ma?
Ma? Lol. Uhm, A PPC expert, social media and content Strategist, Writer (Author) and Public Speaker

Q. Where do you hail from?
Oyede, Isoko North ,LGA, Delta State.

Q. where were you born?
I was born and grew up in Benin City

Q. You have been around for 21 years, what can you say are your best memories of Edo and Delta States?

My best memories of Delta State are much, although my time in the state is summed in the Four years I spent in the Delta State University. Memories of CFi (Christian Fellowship International), memories of the drama amongst my friends and I, memories of how the Google life began… memories of love(s) and some lost…my seminar presentation.

For Edo, the last one year has been filled with great memories, my secondary school times… but very importantly, the ASUU 6 Months strike that happened when I was in 200l. I spent that six months at home and found God. Damn! That 6months with me and God was the highlight, it changed me forever. Lots of healing of me took place.

Q. I understand that you were the first Google Ambassador in DELSU, How did you feel and how has it shaped your experience?


Yes… I felt and I still feel super awesome. Mehn! It has affected my life. Any effort at trying to explain the experiences will be an understatement. I don’t even know how to explain it. But let’s just say it was the gateway to a lot of things: to my personal brand and career.

Q. Peace is spiritual …how have you been able to work, live and interact with people of all kinds in your very interesting journey

My dear… It about knows myself, my journey, my source…See eh, the most peaceful times f my lives and happiest is when I’m in tune with God. And so once in a while, I remember that peace. And at times, it is obvious God is working behind the scenes and I stay put with God!

Q. If you were told to describe “Peace Itimi” in one word, what would it be?
Choi! Only one word? Uhmm, Greatness

Q. Now let’s tweak it a lil bit more, one sentence?
Smaller than most expect; Greater than anyone can imagine.

Q. Paint a picture of what you would want to have achieved by your 22nd birthday?
10 times greater than the previous year

Q. How do you see Peace Itimi, affecting Nigerian youths in the next 4 years? Then you would be 25.
You know how much I have inspired people already yea? How I have trained over 400 youths in Digital Marketing & inspire teens daily! Well, this has been rehearsal!

Peace Itimi handling a training session

Q. From those of us that fell in love with you via your blog,when will your Ink roll again?
Oga soon o. In Jesus name

( She blogs here….just visit and see why we need to encourage her to continue to bless us)


Q. And I know the guys will want to know; are you single? Me I am satisfied with my MentorZoning …so I ain’t part
Lol. Yeye.Yes, I’m single

Q. Why are you single sef?
I’m picky. I’ve high standard’s : Godly, Smart, ambitious, doer, cute…..compatible

Q. As you clock 21; in a maximum of 21 words describe the world you will want to live in.

A world filled with love, happiness and wealth. A World where people have each other’s back and worship God in spirit and truth.

Q. List your 21 best digital apps that have affected you ?That makes your day/life better.

 Google keep
 Google docs
 Instagram
 WhatsApp
 Crowdfire
 Blinkist
 Facebook ads manager app
 Fb page manager app
 Gmail app
 Merriam Webster dictionary
 Hoot suite/buffer
 Bible app
 Udemy
 Fiverr
 Chrome browser
 Blogger app
 WordPress app
 Payoneer app
 Coursera

Q. Ya. I forgot this and it’s important. What’s your best food? Snack, drink et al
I no get oo. I’m so not a foodie

Q. What gift would you like for your birthday?

A. Mac pro
Google pixel X
Three new sneakers
All leather back pack
Ankara laptop bag
5million naira to investment in business

Q. Lastly, how does Peace see the world?


I believe reality is made of our perception and our perception is a result of experience + Information.

Thus, we are all see the world, and live in as we perceive it.

I see the world is a place of different realities made from diff people with diff perception (experience + information). My reality can be different from yours, depending on what’s in my head/mind

Its an honour to know this bright mind. A youth that is doing something huge…Today, I join the league of extra-ordinary admirers and partners to wish Peace Itimi Happy Birthday. Grace has lit you, shine on . Soar!


We Bleed Green


My heart bleeds green

Despite the hurt around

My soul drowns in Optimism

This keeps me growing

Original idea(Mode Zero): Even though we weep and bleed under hardship, we cry green, home is always home.

Tear Drops!

In shades of green and white

Even when the walls collapse

My heart races in “Nehemic”- concern.


We can’t say we love the storms

But we will work to bring relief to others

One by one,to the other one ,we will show concern

Till the whole nation bleed green.

I will work

Green ideas that will blossom

Today  we work

One by one,to the other one,we will spread change.

Till the day comes when we see true change.
– Phlegvinyl.