Its certainly important you know the right people. It is very wonderful to be around people you care about and complete the circle of happiness.

Today is Tuesday.

This week has been a mixed grill. I went to Church this Sunday after over two weeks of being absent. Calm the thoughts; I have not backslidden, its work related. So after a wonderful message in Church, I made use of my rare free time to visit a beautiful family – Mr & Mrs. Arkorful.  

As I got home,I was welcomed with a love packed hug, my love metre broke. Nostalgic moments of her impact during my secondary school days flashed through my mind. Some got stuck, others went into the red room of my mind, and came out as stable pictures.  I had not seen her for 8 years.

I so loved the Arkorful’s that I chose to spend one of my Secondary school holidays in their house at Adesoye College, Offa.  It was a memorable time.

It was in this mood that I got a call from a brother I respect. “ Ope , where in Akure are you?”, he asked. Before I could answer, the called ended. Already worried, I looked through my phone to see a ping from my Fake writing project , Samantha( We are supposed to have produced her book since, but I don’t know….and I was doing it for free. I definitely would charge my next client). They were involved in some issues and were being driven to Akure; a City none of them had ever been in.

They were a group of friends,coming back from a wonderful marriage of another Great friend,Emmanuel.Moses( My brother and inspiration), Samantha- One of the ladies with the best of minds currently alive,Ilodi-  A new friend and Victor- A fellow billionaire that I got to know more during this two days of stress, fun and love.

In my pastor’s words “They have brought your people to you in another way”. They were victims of the consequences of the corrupt system. To cut the long story short, the car they were travelling in was seized (By whom? Na another gist be that jare) and brought to the command’s office in Akure.

I called and called. We made calls, talking to somebody who knew somebody… Thought and thought. Praying, we prayed. At last, after paying a tangible sum of money (Which is a blessed sum, considering the Buhari Economy), the car was home. Then we were relived and we made the best use of the time.We went out to play.

This week showed me something, happiness is people. Have the right people around, be equipped with the needed means; you will be happy. Anytime you have to spend with excellent people, make use of it. Build a network of excellent people. This is my best Monday this year, and it came after my most stressful Sunday. The people made the difference.

On the Nigerian issue, the country needs to strengthen its systems to deal with corruption through digitalizing the process. A lot of Nigerians innocently suffer for things that could have been avoided with a strong system. We will get there.

Thank you Moses, I was already indebted to you, I cherish and value your friendship. Samantha, I am grateful to God for allowing me know her, she has   a breathtaking mind. Ilodi, my new friend- I am already preparing to attend your wedding. Victor, hmmm.

I miss them already!


August Visitor

I had a lot of expectations for the month of July. The 7th month and it’s sentimental identity : Perfection. It was one of the few months in this year,that I prayerfully cruised into,armed with a lot of words from God.

However,as I start August,I can’t say I have achieved all that was planned. I still have some plans I feel I should be put into actions,so thoughts I should have tried out and Some relationships that I should have made better use of.

It’s true that plans are just mere plans until they are executed. To put an icing on the cake,executed with an excellent and unique edge in the market place- Edgecutioner( Steve Harris coinage).

So as I begin this month….the 8th one.

1. I will not be scared to try new things. Launch out of my comfort zones. Often times,the fear of failing holds me down,and the leap ends in my mind. But not again,my fears will receive an august visitor. I will channel the fear into information search and learning.

2. I will be focused on building relationships and maintaining the already existing ones. This is very important for me,I have a lot of excellent minds around… So a product of aggregating this idea is bound to be a rare mix.

3. Discipline. Plan it and stick to it.

4. Think more. Specifically engage my mind to think the next phases in my areas of interests.

5. Get a journal and actually write in it after the first week.

Recently ,I wrote a DPblog(BBM display picture blogging for MzOyinBalz ) on being scared of getting a no. Mehn,I dint ask any girl out through out my 4years in school. I had a few I liked though;I just couldn’t think it….as per sef: make Bishop ask girl out and the girl con say know….how I wan take preach dey look her area….(Haha haha).

But before July finished,I asked out a sweet lady (No ask me maybe Na play or Na real….and leave the answer too). That’s part of the no fear again.

I start august on a Dab.

ope DAB