What’s Your Anger Story?

​Anger. I have seen a lot of writings about this emotion. As bad as it can be,it can also be good; so often times ,I enjoy reading any lesson I can learn from peoples’ experience.

So a friend of mine got angry from the dreamland this morning . I woke up to a shared rant on my WhatsApp.

Let’s read the story together.
“Anger; Have you ever wondered it’s just a waste of Emotion? Most times  when I get angry, I discover my heart rate and blood pressure goes up. This morning I woke up with the thought “Anger is deadly and can kill a person”.

 I had a dream early this morning which woke me up around 4:55 AM, in the dream, I was pulled over by an FRSC officer who attended to me in a very rude manner!!

‎He took my vehicle papers, then answered a call from his mobile phone which lasted for about 15 minutes and he didnt even apologise for something he shouldn’t have done in the first place!!! I got so angry that I woke up from the dream breathing heavily.

Sometime ago, I read that anger can be suppressed, and then converted or redirected,this happens when you hold in your anger, stop thinking about it, and focus on something positive…so I better stopwriting this and find a sweet distraction because “I still dey Boil right now”

For me, when I am angry it’s best not to talk immediately. I often say things I regret. Let’s talk about Anger. What do you think?where do we draw the line of when it’s  good and bad? What’s your anger experience?