Christian Convoy : Ikogosi Trip



Whats the right pronunciation sef ( ‘LU-do or lu -‘do). I think it has an international and household pronunciation.


I don’t even know how I stopped liking  to play it. I just subtly began to develop a bias for the game, and then drifted from it. It’s been over five years, but I had to play it today.

In the first game, I started slowly. At every turn of the dice…I was just getting One – One (Oju) and so many other small digit numbers. I dint even know how to count again. The Pros were just laughing at me. With the kind of digits I was getting, I felt the gods of ludo were aware of my bias.

To cut the story short, I came second.  In the second game I played, I came first (I am badt like that). Anyway, I still feel it’s a game of luck.

Some others were playing Chess, Scrabble – These guys were very serious with it…mehn, you should see the way they were playing it as if it was a championship (Wellington would be proud), WHOT, Monopoly and some doing the side talks.

In case you don’t know Jighere Wellington, he is the current Scrabble world Champion and he is a Nigerian. Monopoly: one of the few popular games I can’t play- You should see Segun Ketiku , Aunty Mrs Kola-Teni as they played. To untrained ears like mine…Banker, buy this…build hotels, factory…sounded like tales from wolf of Wall Street or Billions.

Scratch that.

This is where the story starts.

The singles in church agreed to go for an outing. I am a proud member of Kingsword international Church, Akure. So the deal was that we will go to Ikogosi – the cold and warm spring in Ekiti. The idea of going with a bus did not even come, when we had young brethren that were doing well and had wonderful cars. So in about 10 cars, fine ones (we are spiritually turnt like that)…. It was a convoy journey to and fro Ekiti(Ikogosi). You need to see the way peeps came out to look….like “Who be this people sef?”

We got there…played, cracked jokes…sang and just had fun.



The best part was the introduction; see men no wan talk maybe dem dey single (In a relationship or not). Why is this always hard sef? Hahahahaha…me sef no know.


Then the part where a fine young girl says she is already taken…and faces go like ” Why now?”


Then they asked Dennis to introduce himself and he was like “I am an unemployed Graduate…**Pauses, injects confident ‘attitude”*** but I am not broke”. This cracked me up big time.


Generally it was fun.

The ladies squad! Tenny just” Kolobied” all of them

Writing does not wholly capture it.

The thing is we are young Christians and we are not ashamed to flaunt it. We understand in different levels what Grace has made available for us. We spiritually and physically explore our truth based freedom.

Your faith shouldn’t put you in bondage or under legalistic holds. Make the church a family; don’t judge people, Live Christ like and form a team (Network of spiritually grounded people) that will break new frontiers.


We are Kingsword singles; we are raising a supernatural army that will shake the world and impact different major sectors of the world cos we have the word.

Side bar: So small time now…Kola and Tenny (She drives excellently, you need to see the way she expertly handled her Toyota Muscle on the convoy) will be doing “Married hangout “…. Big time congrats fam.



Congrats to aunty Bimbo too, your home will be an example to believers.

Oya e don too long.


What do you think a church should look like? I want to hear you.



9 thoughts on “Christian Convoy : Ikogosi Trip”

  1. Indeed am not ashamed to be a christian. It was fun all the way from the planing (where the single ladies brought their bill for jollof rice in this tomatoes gold era) but the taunt single guys were always on point as they show forth their supernatural riches physically…
    driving was fun, entry was fun, singing was more than fun….Jesus Christs actually unfold… turning our little into surplus… We had more than enough. Fun isnt just enough words.

  2. I have a lot to say but i’ll just make it short “The True Definition of church is Kingsword International Church, and I’m not ashamed but over-excited to be a part of the family where Worshipping is much more Fun…wouldn’t you rather worship God with us this Sunday!?

  3. Like seriously a church should be a place where people come sad and go back home happy. It was fun going to Ikangunlapaosi. lols. dnt mind me i can sill remember the story we were told.

  4. I Pledged of becoming a member this great church right from Ikogosi… Would have been the first in church this Sunday if I didn’t travel … Wonderful church … #kingsworldinternationalnewfoundfamily

  5. Waoh……. How time flies. The Ikogosi hang would be a year this month.

    I can remember vividly that I nearly miss the convoy, thank God I didn’t.

    Someone told me a certain city (Akure) is boring, my answer, “define your fun, look for like minded people and explore, then you will know it’s not boring.” That hang-out actually proved me right.

    We have had a couple of hang-outs after that and they have all been exhilarating. Kingsword International church, Akure is redefining church in the city.

    A people bound together by God’s love and righteousness. We know ourselves and love ourselves. We are an army on a conquest mission, we march for the crown, in love.

    This saturday; we shall do it again, converge, converse and connect.

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