Christian Convoy : Ikogosi Trip



Whats the right pronunciation sef ( ‘LU-do or lu -‘do). I think it has an international and household pronunciation.


I don’t even know how I stopped liking  to play it. I just subtly began to develop a bias for the game, and then drifted from it. It’s been over five years, but I had to play it today.

In the first game, I started slowly. At every turn of the dice…I was just getting One – One (Oju) and so many other small digit numbers. I dint even know how to count again. The Pros were just laughing at me. With the kind of digits I was getting, I felt the gods of ludo were aware of my bias.

To cut the story short, I came second.  In the second game I played, I came first (I am badt like that). Anyway, I still feel it’s a game of luck.

Some others were playing Chess, Scrabble – These guys were very serious with it…mehn, you should see the way they were playing it as if it was a championship (Wellington would be proud), WHOT, Monopoly and some doing the side talks.

In case you don’t know Jighere Wellington, he is the current Scrabble world Champion and he is a Nigerian. Monopoly: one of the few popular games I can’t play- You should see Segun Ketiku , Aunty Mrs Kola-Teni as they played. To untrained ears like mine…Banker, buy this…build hotels, factory…sounded like tales from wolf of Wall Street or Billions.

Scratch that.

This is where the story starts.

The singles in church agreed to go for an outing. I am a proud member of Kingsword international Church, Akure. So the deal was that we will go to Ikogosi – the cold and warm spring in Ekiti. The idea of going with a bus did not even come, when we had young brethren that were doing well and had wonderful cars. So in about 10 cars, fine ones (we are spiritually turnt like that)…. It was a convoy journey to and fro Ekiti(Ikogosi). You need to see the way peeps came out to look….like “Who be this people sef?”

We got there…played, cracked jokes…sang and just had fun.



The best part was the introduction; see men no wan talk maybe dem dey single (In a relationship or not). Why is this always hard sef? Hahahahaha…me sef no know.


Then the part where a fine young girl says she is already taken…and faces go like ” Why now?”


Then they asked Dennis to introduce himself and he was like “I am an unemployed Graduate…**Pauses, injects confident ‘attitude”*** but I am not broke”. This cracked me up big time.


Generally it was fun.

The ladies squad! Tenny just” Kolobied” all of them

Writing does not wholly capture it.

The thing is we are young Christians and we are not ashamed to flaunt it. We understand in different levels what Grace has made available for us. We spiritually and physically explore our truth based freedom.

Your faith shouldn’t put you in bondage or under legalistic holds. Make the church a family; don’t judge people, Live Christ like and form a team (Network of spiritually grounded people) that will break new frontiers.


We are Kingsword singles; we are raising a supernatural army that will shake the world and impact different major sectors of the world cos we have the word.

Side bar: So small time now…Kola and Tenny (She drives excellently, you need to see the way she expertly handled her Toyota Muscle on the convoy) will be doing “Married hangout “…. Big time congrats fam.



Congrats to aunty Bimbo too, your home will be an example to believers.

Oya e don too long.


What do you think a church should look like? I want to hear you.





The divine female hood is an aspect of a demanding goddess, who requires frequent obeisance. It is a shame that the sacred woman is now in intimate contact with the muck called societal expectations, a willing dancer to the beat of cultural drums and self-imposing symphony.

When did marriage become the castle at the end of a long winding journey? When should personal growth be sacrificed on the altar of perceived marital bliss?

Marriage as an institution is all well and nice. But why end an exerting educational journey immediately in a relatively subservient relationship without a chance to explore your full capabilities? Marriage immediately after school is slowly becoming the fad.

The human mind is very familiar with mutually exclusive events. The best we can do is allocating proprieties to series of events. But when you start swaying to society’s rumba, getting tied up in the proverbial conjugal knots, the priority changes from exploring your inane capabilities to trying to raise a family- catering for a husband. The career pursuit might still be in the picture as a lot of people try to juggle both and some actually do it successfully. However, one will take priority over the other, its either work or making a home. And when the little wee ones start popping out, the choice is literarily taken out of your hands, mostly.

A common excuse is that of the biological clock ticking, another excuse is the myth that a work oriented woman will never become a good wife, rather, a good servile wife, stoking the already bloated male ego. Society norms, culture and values have created an imaginary plot, creating characters that follow the written script verbatim like little obedient robots. You create steel barricades and you actually find beauty on whatever side of the steel bars you find yourself. A beautiful caged bird that sings sonorously.

Most women are through with education endeavours early, time to grow before marriage, if that’s your end game should be allocated, time to grow personally and make a good career of your life should also be provided for before the headlong rush into the marital institution which is very draining by the way.

Explore! find the limit to your endless possibilities, soar before settling down to earth. Grow. Be matured before starting a family. The biological clock is ticking, but it is still way off from the stroke of midnight. The rush for a husband won’t stop. The best fit for you will support your growth and when the best time comes for a change in priorities, from career goals to marital goals (if you are interested in marriage ), it will be on your terms and with the satisfaction of knowing you stretched your feathers before perching on the marriage tree.

My ramblings are just ramblings directed towards prisoners that are jailers of themselves, the proof of a life after this is still very hypothetical; make the most of this one limited life you have. Be happy. If the institution of marriage makes your heart flutter, then go for it, but not before questioning yourself about what you really want and not what society or family expects of you.


  • Ariyo Oluwatosin  ( @Tosiinee)


The Weekend

My weekend was a mix grill. My mental state did a lot of stops in its journey: Lonely,happy,excited and broke.
So at different moments ,my mind tilted towards its strongest feel.

Yes I know that you can be lonely in the crowd. While  I was a final year mass communication student at the University of Benin,I experienced this.  I had served as a Christian leader for about 3years,I was still leading at a larger christian sphere(Christian Community on Campus) and a lil bit popular among the liberal folks. So I had a lot of people around me,but I felt lonely. There was this space that refused to be filled.
Activity is just a temporary relief of the issues of depth. A lot of people around,yet no one is touching with a fill. That’s how much/Far I can go.

This is a new feel for me. Maybe its the valley moment before I finally climb the Mount.I certainly would. I dont know how not to have money. Maybe this will push me to make money quickly. As in ehn,the thing is affecting my thinking,feeling,talking and a whole lot. I am working towards leaving this lane as fast as possible. If you have ideas,you can share oh…(Please don’t come with those multilevel marketing anointing). You need to see how I was just rationing my activities based on available amount. Taking the cheapest routes possible in all turns.


I had a touch of this too. Especially in times I got to spend with people I deeply care about. Even though,I couldn’t see them physically,chats on BBM,whatsapp and Facebook brought momentarily lit up comments. Yes! Thank you Falex Trophy Rena(My sister and friend) ,you brought the most Joy.  She made me happy. Some chats can just bring ease.


It was @thevoicenaija oh. You know the new musical reality show on African Magic? If you don’t, just hold on. I will write about it soon. Like the disciples,I went into the world to preach the gospel after Veevyan told me about it and got fellow followers of the musical truth.

How on earth do you do a musical show and put gods like Waje,Timi Dakolo ,Patoranking and 2face as judges?You just invoked the spirit of good music niyen. And that’s what #TheVoice has been showcasing.

This last episode made my weekend. They saved the best for the last. And my friend(Veevyan,make I famzy small now…shey you agree that you are my friend?) was the last to be chosen. Very last. And my someone I admire so much : Timi Dakolo. When Timi turned,I shouted like I was the one on stage. I had told family ,friends and colleagues…they were waiting for her audition. Aunty busy was like “Ope,stay here…when you friend sings,so we know how to yarb you”… and fortunately,she dint flop. She  made me proud.



The new week just started. And I have made up my mind to work on my mind. Put a gauge on everything that comes in…consciously engage my thoughts,monitor my heart’s feeding habits. Because if proper light (Christ,John 1) shines on it,all the issues that happened during the weekend,will be put into proper perspective.

What’s your story?

The Break-Out.

My service year is an embodiment of excellent stories. Right from where it all began at the Orientation Broadcasting Service  . I dint do Camp,I think I was just strictly an OBS member. It took my whole time.

It paid off though.I was posted to the foremost radio station in Ondo State- Adaba FM. At the petrol filling stations,In taxi’s ,passing through people’s houses,Shops that cared to tune in to radio stations….you just couldn’t miss hearing the signature tune of Adaba FM.

Then the big one. From 9:30- 10 Am,when you hear Biodun,just shout Kayode. Cos,you may be left out from the witty ,informative and indigenous chat from people’s dial.

We are that popular.

So working in such an atmosphere,means (meant) you have to be top notch and functioning 101% at every point in time.

Today,I just Want to talk about the Unit that gave me my biggest break. Sports presentation. Mike Akintunde remains an important part of my story. He believed in me from the start and continually put me in the fire till the gold began to shine pure. I’m still being refined though.

I started doing packages the first day I got to the office.The then head of (Mr Babs) asked me, “What can you do best”, I mentioned a few and the list included sport. He immediately called the sports unit head,Mike, to do an audition. In a nutshell,my audition went on air as the sports news for that night. Phew! My first radio experience.

He never allowed any achievement get to my head. Had a way of explaining high points to make you feel,you had to do better. Mehn,learning under him is an experience that I will forever cherish.

I remember my first Live sport presentation. Mehn!it was a disaster. That’s to put it mildld-day ke had to leave his part of the studio,to come stand by me before I could catch a little calm. Then he stood by me till we finished.

The next thing that followed was the hair Dryer ” Ope,wetin dey fear you sef…you no fit do this thing alone…”.The way its written cannot carry the way it was said.Trust me.

So I continued to do co – anchoring,analysts etc and the confidence continued to build. Then the d-day happened. Few minutes past 12pm.I got a ping on WhatsApp.You are doing drive time sports today. Alone.He was not around,not even in the office. Then he ended with “I will be listening”.

What dah ……

I couldn’t keep calm.I started scripting from that time till 4pm,which was the time for sports.
The 30 minutes that followed  was another phase.
As I entered the studio,” Na you dey do sports?” The EO asked.I replied by taking position and a positive nod,that did more to reassure me than him.
4:30 pm.It finished. I got positive reviews from some other senior colleagues. I was waiting for Mike oh.Then later in the day,I got my rating.He said 70% . Mehn!from that day,I havent looked back. It has become relatively easier .But with Mike’s voice in my head pushing my limits.
He wanted me to learn. He gave me the platform to push further…and continuously kept me calm,not to puff and fall. If we have a lot of people who do these to the young and upcoming,then this world will be a better place.
Then the excellent team: Keke Awada – The Yoruba cum English sports presenter. He inspired me. My lovely mentor :Empress Adeola Adekunle.She corrects me like a younger brother…I love her to the moon. Then Sukanmi. In simple terms ,just call him the troublesome one. Emmanuel is a friend.

This team is phenomenal.

Thank you Mike Akintunde. You lit me up. The real journey just started.

Often times,we do not know how much and how far we can go until we take a leap. Especially when clarity and confidence is added to the brew by someone that believes in you.

Do you have a break out story?

Darey’s Pray For Me Video : An Emotional Touch

I have always liked the song “Pray for me”  by Darey.

Right from the first day I heard it; it struck a chord within me and gave me interesting musical chill. It was on regular repeat for the first few weeks and I think my neigbhours would have unintentionally learnt the song as a result of the number of times I played it.

Coincidentally, it has the same thematic orientation with Wish me well  by Timi Dakolo- Someone I deeply love and respect. Check dakolofied. So I played the two and the message sank deeper.

Pray for me is a beautiful masterpiece that reveals the struggle of  young child in a typical Nigerian family, most especially those in the south western part. A young boy leaves home to go to the city and look for greener pastures. I think for a lot of people, that big city (is) was Lagos. But all the same, it is not unusual for you to see young people leave the village or towns for the city in search of better opportunities.

So when the video came out, I hurriedly downloaded and I loved what I saw. I watched and watched again and was almost moved to tears as a result of the plot. The pictures gave the audio a piercing sting, that leaves memorable feelings.

It carefully shows the strong bond between parents and children in this part of the world.  It is not uncommon for you to see parents want to hold on to their wards irrespective of their ages, often times the only barrier is available resources.
Still, leaving home is never easy .At least for some of us.
But Darey advocates that you pray for me (us) as we journey outside our comfort zones. Our parents and loved ones, pray that we make it… we know that we can or may make mistakes, but pray for us. This is the stage we make mistakes, take risks… but we cannot stay at home.
The video is emotional.  It’s expressive. It blends the typical Nigeria parental attachment and love ties with the need to join the hustle.

Although, I would have loved if the plot was not interrupted by the scenes of DAREY and the Soweto choir in front of the tall white building.  It sometimes broke the flow and I couldn’t wait for it to leave and I continue watching the young boy’s struggle.
My most emotional part of the story was when the post man dropped the letter and by then, mama Aduke had already died. A lot of things can change when a young man leaves home.

The video is easy to relate with. It fully shows the believe in the power of prayers. At the end, you could see that the flower blossomed.

Anyway, please Pray for me.

Have you seen the video?Let’s talk about it?What’s you view…but this song by Darey is absolutely beautiful or what do you think?

Homecoming: CUNAA experience I

I had a very exciting weekend.

It was spiritually refreshing, mentally re-orienting and “Bridge building”. Inspiring relationships.

The second week of May every year is the Christian Union NIFES Alumni Association (CUNAA) convention. This year was no different, as senior friends (Fellowship graduates) from different timelines (1980s to as late as 2015) came together to fellowship and relate with the present Generation.

A melting-point of different experiences from the perspective of Jesus Christ – our foundation. We go back to where we were, the words that were spoken to make us who we are, put into proper perspective where we are going, while understanding what we should be doing now to get the best future.

I love CUNIFES. A supernatural incubator that chides the lines of denominations and strengthens the unifying bond of Christ’s finished work.

So when we see people who have being a part of this commission in different climes and times,we get inspired by the caliber of relationships that can be built.

As at the morning of the first day of the event, 13th of May,2016,I was not sure I would be around. But countdown to Post-Convention,I thank God I was around.

Tejiro Imonikebe hosted me. I don’t even form graduate around him. If not for the Uniben 8years Medicine thingy, baba suppose don become CUNAA chairman sef. He was the Welfare secretary in the Exco we (Learning Exco) handed over to and has always been super helpful on welfare issues. God chooses these people according to Ministry. Emeka(My President),be rest assured you will go into Ministry jare.

We spoke about the Reality.

We were taught, we thought and we experienced.

Friday was explosive. One heart- inspiring testimony by the preacher, Bro. Dan Ayidu was:

 “While my wife was pregnant, I was told by the Doctor that my Child bridged…so it couldn’t be born without Operation. I dint Want to hear that,I took my wife,brought her before a mirror and placed my hands on the stomach and spoke Gods word ‘Children Obey your parents in the lord,let all things be well’ and so it happened”



Major lesson for me: The reality is God’s word. What he says is what is real.


This sounds so simple, but when we live by it, we will have assurance in the middle of the storm. The question is, what has God said concerning this?


The sessions, the dinner, the people…all these made Convention a success. This is just the first episode, oya what was your  CUNAA16 experience?


Home Alone

It never gets easy.
This thing never gets easy. Leaving my home is usually a very emotional experience for me. Irrespective of how long,moments spent with the Senior Abiyamo of Nigeria( my mum) always feel as if they should have been longer.

A part of me feels I should have been used to this. Because in 2004 ,I traveled over 8 hrs on road  with my mum to search for a secondary school I would attend in Ondo State.

After a two day search and perusing recommendations ,we went to Citadel International College,Ikare Akoko,Ondo State. I did my exams,interview and got admitted.

So we went to the market to buy provisions and other things I would need. Within some few hours,I was dressed in the checkered white and brown house wear uniform of Citadel. I had resumed. I was a boarder. “Mummy go,mummy go,” I reluctantly nudged her in words as she followed me to my dorm room to set up my corner. Little did I know that ,that was just a momentary rush of adolescent independence.

Then she left.

I cried for over two weeks,my bunk mate,Ismaila Adetola Bakare was a ready partner in tears. We always cried together,sometimes in the evening and often times late in the night.

So for Six years,I visited my house only during school vacations. By JSS1 second term, I was travelling the journey on my own. This lasted for the six secondary school years. Then another 4 years in the University of Benin where Fellowship Exco activities limited by going home times .

So often times ,I  have had  to wake wake up early in morning to travel (Daddy likes me travelling early in the morning), with my mum and dad already awake for early morning devotions and to assist me in preparing for Journey. Mummy does the meals, while daddy helps me with getting warm bath water ready. I still like bathing hot water. So leaving home should be easy now shey?

I still find it very emotional to say my goodbyes.  Form the strong face but hold the tears within. I love my family. I have very wonderful siblings : Bola and Tolu,then very selfless and understanding parents. Why would I want to leave them.

But like Abraham,this man has got to leave home. Follow instructions and look for the promise land,well guided by the cloud (That’s what my home Church-The Wisdom place is teaching on : Clouds of Glory).

It doesn’t change the pain,but it puts the gain in proper perspective. In this times where the news is filled with issues with marriage,I have beautiful model to learn from.

The thing is,it never gets easy to leave home. As I parked my bags this last time to leave the house,the SAN muted in low words ” Ope I will miss you oh…shey you will still be looking for Job opportunities in Port Harcourt.”. While daddy,prayed in his heart and the face said it all,as he went to drop me.(Daddy wanted me to come home,even though mummy was of the idea,I just go back to my new base -Akure. So the issues with my Laptop and the malaria symptoms which later became full blown gave him a very good cover to have with me at home).

It never gets easy.Especially for me. What about you?