Arms Alms

This men with guns.
Begging on the street
Not Robbers
Government backed,not rebels.

In a journey of one or two hours
Say two
They stopped us more than once in metres few
Naira folds
Our passwords through.

This is true.
And sad
How can we be protected
By the very ones who look easy to buy

Its called settlement
Not bribe
But it bribes your way through.
This money issue,the roots and fruits in shades.

The boldness scares me.
Wearing symbols of Justice and equity
They express the shadow of the real.
Where do we go,when the protectors are the culprits?

– Phlegvinyl.



I like to watch my series movies with my pen and jotter. Most times with my phone, simplenote and stickers help here. Cos,I always expect to learn something new.
Today, I saw Superman vs Batman at the Cinema. I learnt. I enjoyed it.
This time I couldn’t write.

Seeing the movie at the cinema meant I couldn’t afford the luxury of a pause and playback. I still learnt.


Let me just skip to my best parts. The last Scene was my “Bestest”- Oya, please leave the word the way it is oh. The discussion between Batman and wonder woman. “…Man made a world, where standing together is impossible… Ben Affleck (BATMAN) cuts in ‘still we can do better… We can rebuild…we have to’”. I likened it to Nigeria, where some of us will need to take responsibility to build the Nigeria we want to see, despite the obvious challenges ( dem plenty).

Then the Batman Vs Superman fight scene. It showed the kind of strength you can draw from feeling responsible. Even though, uncle Bat had a lot of negative energy around his, I believe we can channel the fight through the positive duct.

This he showed at the end. After realising that Lex Luthor was playing on his guilt.
I like the new bat mobile.
The other lessons: That you are doing well does not mean you will not have Lex Luthors’ planning your downfall. Scheming and lying in different shades to pull you down. But it pays to remain good. Don’t mind Superman when he said – “In this your world, we cannot be good all the time”. As you walk life paths, try not walking yourself into set plots of bad people.


Then love. This has been a reoccurring theme in a lot of the films I’m watching. It’s powerful. It exposes you to hurt, while also heightening your strengths. I think it’s the most powerful force. And that’s why it can be very deadly when it’s manipulated. See how LEX tried to manipulate SUPERMAN using the people he cared about. This love thing sef.

Let me pause here.

Have you seen the movie? What did you learn? Or observe?


Lying is not something I do often. I mean its not a habit for me. I count it as a big deal,even though I have seen a lot of people that consider it normal.

So when I am caught red handed in the act,I can’t stay calm. I become apprehensive of a stain becoming a pattern of reference.

The level of worry differs. This is determined by the level of closeness and importance to me.
But I just learnt that those kind of worries are not good for my heart.I don’t think I want to put myself through such issues.Again.

There are some difficult times sha.When lies take the shade of love. You withhold some information or just adjust details to keep the people you care about from hurt.

Lies.Trust. Two paths intertwined by short strands of life issues.

Then,the other one that happens on impulse.You just lie without thought. It just comes seamlessly. Especially when you are in very tight corners.

But are lies worth it?I dont think so. This is the answer from my spirit. Then my flesh shouts :‘there are moments oh’
However,the reality of an exposed lie can be very frustrating for me.

So I make up my mind not to allow more stains.So help me God.

White or black,No grey.

52 Weeks

For me,the NYSC was all about relationships. Its been 52 weeks and I can boldly say that the people I met during my service year are the most important assets in this phase.

Friendships, acquaintances and even close brothers.

First,the OBS,then my PPA,the best CDS in the world (In my former Presidents voice- Patricia)- Editorial and finally,my spiritual home,Kingsword Int’l Church ,Akure.

National Youth Service Corps,Permanent Orientation camp,Ikare Akoko.This is where it all started.

I joined a team of brilliant individuals,members of the Orientation Broadcasting Service(OBS).Shining Lights. Trail Blazers that give me hope that Nigeria will be great Again.

Now I want to talk about one. Otosirieze Obi-Young.


He hates injustice to a fault. Sometimes,his readiness to confront systems that herald injustice scares me.Scares me deeply.A very caring dude with a good heart.

You need to see his chats.Even text messages.I think its one of the most punctuated in the world. His love for excellently written literary pieces are not sacrificed on altar of fast and informal conversations.

He is one of those that had by back during my service year. I am excited we pulled through our good and bad times.

To talk about the service year,the people made it fun. The quality of available interactions make it sound.No doubt,you have to choose the flow and calibre of people you relate with.

For today,I have just spoken in bits about one.words Can’t paint the picture.

In the face of all the issues plaguing the scheme and calls for its scrap,I will call for a reform. Because it remains a Pool of resources with huge prospects.

When Arrows Hurt…

I love the series -Arrows.So much,that I sometimes see myself as one of the cast. Atleast in my mind.

I have followed the Series from Season 1 -4 but I have never been as pained like I felt today, Season 4 Episode 18.That’s where Laura Lance died. The fact that the acts that led to her death were betrayals of true love ,made it even more bitter. John thought his brother could be redeemed,Darc killed Laura to give Detective Lance an eternal pain.All twists to the power of love.

But how can we love without opening up ourselves to hurt?Is there a form of love that doesn’t make you vulnerable to hurt?Even God loved,and his son had to pay.

However,what would life be without love?

I like my series.I watch a lot and they expose me to issues and thought routes. How will John feel,knowing he could have stopped this ,if he trusted Oliver?But he believed the redemption story,that shouldn’t be a wrong thing shey?

Now the series takes a new twist. I am turning with it.Learning with every scene and flip. Can love ever be without hurt?

The Nut

Trapped in its comma
It tells the full story.
No, its bean-like
Guarded by flowers;it blossoms in green.

Then it leaves green
Taking shades of new colours
New growth times,new shines.
Green,yellow and sometimes red.

Nature has a traffic light.

The fruit is sweet
The seed can leave permanent stains in mix
For the clothe;it spoils
In the hands of an expert,the skin it beautifies.

I am reminded of my yard stories
Under the tree,with the three
We played free
Then the fruits;a chopping spree.


This glee …
From a fruit that can make you flee
But it describes life
There are always twists,turns  and tales in different shades.


We are Angry!

Coming on Facebook has been a regular for sometime. Because my timeline is always a place to learn new things ,debate ideas and read life changing routines

So I put on my data and logged on to my Facebook account.

The Facebook app refreshed. The first post I saw was Braimoh Bello’s (BB) angry outburst about not being a Nigerian again.Woh!this kind of writing is on an unfamiliar terrain,I thought. BB is one Nigerian who inspires with actions and words,by his exploits in Nigeria,South Africa and all over the world.Always representing. But now he is angry about the way the way things are going on in the country. Who wouldn’t.

The politicians are insulting the intellect of Nigerians – by taking very annoying Moves e.g Ekiti Gate Scandal : Aluko and Fayose. Or maybe its just downright impunity – they don’t care what the citizens think. There is no light.A country that boasts of one of the highest Crude Oil reserve is experiencing Fuel scarcity and its attendant Consequences.The Nation is divided into parts by water,yet a good number still lack portable water.Yes,Clean water.The list goes on.

We have every right to be angry.Maybe that’s the next stage on this road to Glory.I believe the giant will run again.But I want to ask that we channel this anger.
Can we teach the government how things should be done ( Braimoh Bello is doing a good Job in the areas of Education and Health Research…abeg don’t Consider Iceland.Not even South Africa sef.)

~Can we channel this anger via a patriotic Duct? Let’s lead a revolution in our various spheres that promotes Excellence,equity and Justice. We can force the government to align to development attitudes when we make their lapses obvious by taking responsibility for doing the right things.I think so.

~Can we have Christians Owning Refineries and Fuel Stations?Selling the normal price.

~Where are the Christian Billionaires? Who understand that they have been empowered to create solutions and live a life of love.

~Can we show the Government how Schools should be run?Like those of the Missionary days.Where Affordable meets the best practices. When you properly educate and reorient the populace ,its a good step towards having a better Future. (Can we have Endowment Funds from Christians that will sponsor these Schools?Knowing fully well that Good education is expensive)

~Can we have Christians who understand their supernatural Heritage and can apply it in shining Lights in different Scientific,Arts and Technological spheres?Can the Church do more to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship?

~Can we have Christian Affiliations that will truly exalt and reflect Jesus,yet express Excellence, provide Solutions ,show the way in Circular areas.This can give us a strong front.

I want to be part of the solution.

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