Bed Alone

1454271393713-809758335Bed alone
No smile to turn to
No nudge to feel
Lips touch,but only in the mind

Bed alone
No squeeze,no embrace
No eyes to lock on,and emotions explode
No close range cupid shots

I will use my mind
Cos I can’t afford all absence
I will replay the scenes
They are strong enough to form a touch
O Eve!this apple I will bite again
This time,to keep me in Eden

Tears drop
To line the paths of our love
So its easy to trace back
Where we left of
When we meet again

But tonight,its bed alone
I can only wish and dream
That I roll over
And feel your kiss
This I miss

– Phlegvinyl

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Mi Rant

Sometimes,I just wish I can beat myself to become the person I want to be. Every look into the mirror ,gives me a futuristic view that leaves me in the twist tale of depression (Why am I not there yet?) or hardwork(What do I do to get there?).

I think I missed some scenes in the growing film. Acting the present stage,without the early steps is looking difficult cos many people expect you to have learnt. But I dint.Does it mean the whole film is flawed?This fear separates the weighty thoughts in my mind and dictates the turns.

Okay,I am just ruminating thoughts..its going to get tougher.Emptying loads and filling the empty spaces is the next step.When an old step,becomes the next step. Twist Tales.

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Club Lights

Can you hear the sounds
Base lifts
Drum rolls reeling erotic moves
Catch yours!Get trapped in the trips.

I am Adam
Receiving all forms of apple from Eve
Within this garden where Music lives
This is no Eden,Tigris flows in booze.

Trapped behehe hind,she is in front
Transcending timelines of ecstasy
Lights lit ,timed to the beats
All within and without the spills

Shakes that keep your mind of issues
Slowly,arse-Caressing laps
Twerk- produced sweetness
It may sting,but for the honey we go.

Let’s Dance
I want to be lost in you
Give me you
Everything else will wait.
At least for now.


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Hello Ope!
It’s me your muse
Are we fighting?
You use me no more.


Tell me!

Is there a conflict?
Cos! The connection seems sour
And I can see your works without me.


Please tell me!
Have you found a way to bypass my touch?
My smooch don’t make sense no more
How about the warm embrace of my lips
You can’t just leave me you know.


Talk to me
Let your hands trace my rib bones
Please dine in my bosom
Come onto me and let’s birth words
Let me give you the best of my world.


He answers!
I have moved on
I will write my weaknesses away
Mused or not
I will find another excitement for my ink

Madam I miss the comfort of your chestly two cities
I am still drawn to the depths of your lips
But I will not be held to ransom
With or without you, I will write.


But there is still a chance
Will you ride with me?
Let’s stain the world with words
From the hooves of our journey


Will you dine with me?
Let us touch the heights of pleasure
And show the world where it ends
Blood stained inks
Written and bold

But with or without you, I will write.

– Phlegvinyl


As a father
He Leaves home hopeful of coming back
Daddy Daddy!
His son cries out
Sometimes the last shout.

As a husband
Every bed moments spent like last
Every thrust is savoured
Except heaven now has a chance for Orgasm
Maybe?Just Maybe.

As a son
Mummy calls before each journey
Prayers laced in every words
Heart thumps at every news
Maybe this was the route for his roots;she consoles herself.

To the enemy
A prey to be killed
Target for shots
Just another breathe to end
Shots fired …

He is another man
Dressed in his green
He makes sure all things are green and peaceful
All steps ordered
To restore Order.

Danger lurks,still he stares
Trouble calls,He answers
All for me,He is the legend
Today,his sacrifice is celebrated.




Hold me
Again I ask for you to hold me
Please don’t leave
Cling and let it not be brief.

Touch me
I want to feel your skin on mine
Let the warmth of your breath be close by
You may not sink in,Almost is enough.

Talk to me
Water my garden with your words
Paint me the desires of my heart with your thoughts in words
Just open and let love bleed
Words on me,no first Aid.


Write Me
Stain my emptiness with ink
Fill my lines with useful thoughts
Maintain the kissable distance Between the pen and paper


Stay with me
Give me succour in presence
I am talking about the day
But now the night has come
Give me all I have asked for before.

– phlegvinyl

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Diary of An Ondo Kopa IV : Write Again

I enjoyed CDS. It was filled with very interesting moments laced with mixed feelings. I was happy seeing friends that I haven’t seen in a while – the last time we saw was in 2015.I wanted to know if I had healed from the hurt I had last year and then at the meeting, I received news of the demise of someone I cared about deeply. She was precious to me.

But then let’s take it one after the other. I will talk about the CDS experience and then, how I got to deal with the loss of my friend. First of all, I am writing this after a long divorce from writing. I was having self-esteem issues; I felt I shouldn’t stain the world with my poor writings. So words got stuck in my head, as I continued to compare every work I read with the ones I have not written, the one I would have written or the angle I would have taken in writing mine. Every story/Article was a hit, back to back, but they remained in my mind.Egbon paper did not come and collect the ink. Then, Oyebanji said I should write. Ope Write! He wasn’t exactly talking to me alone, because he gave a talk on writing to the whole CDS, but for me, it had the touch of the pastor’s sermon to a guilty Christian.


So for now, I think I am out.  I was encouraged to write my weaknesses away. That I will do. Before I bore you with that, the Batch B Editorial corps members have landed. And sweetly, there are a lot of fine lasses to sharpen the cutlasses of my creativity. Yes, you got it right, beautiful girls have a way of making me work harder. However, I was shy and didn’t make friends. I remained with my old clan and did little talking until our CDS coordinator activated, control T- talk. I had to share a little on what Oyebanji talked on.

Moreover, it was nice seeing my friends again. A lot of them reflected the good touch of the holidays. You could literally feel the gaze of rest on their skin and food crafted weight gains on their view. Precious is … (Words search loading…), Amanda is sweeter, I like Ronke’s new lashes, Dupe is looking Married (we were just staring at the wedding bands- Obiyoung took pictures too), Wuraola looked heavenly. I think vyvian is troublesome. Tochukwu is Tochukwu, Dennis is fresher, and wisdom is still a fundament addict,Sotonye looks occupied ( by one fine CDS BATCH B GIRL—-At least, I  think so), ehm, we sha just all have a new touch. I will not forget presido’s new hair style (2016 will be good oh).

So next week, Faculty president will be giving us the next talk. Moses gave him the name and I think it has stuck. I am looking forward to having a fun filled countdown. I am hopeful that I can start new …make new and maintain my old friends. Walk past mind blocks. Write more and march out from reserve.

Finally, before I go, I said I got the news that my friend has travelled. A beautiful, young and excellent being had translated beyond timelines. I cried within, couldn’t distract the meeting…other friends and colleagues continued to change to DPs that was tainted with red RIPs, and I shut down my mind to coped with been ripped apart from within. This is the second loss in just about 2- months.

But these deaths, continually remind me of an important theme: I need to live. CDS is one of my ways of living. LETS LIVE…

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