The struggle to keep others alive
Ready to sacrifice his life
Living where others consider danger
Relationships become fleeting.

Moving in fleets
Treasuring every second
Like the times don’t miss a tick
Brotherhood ,held by bonds thicker than blood

Shots fired!lives splattered
Yet in formations they move
Through death, live is bought
The bargain is done on the warfront.

I pray for you soldier
Let your hands be steady on the trigger
I pray for heavens blanket
That will keep you from the shots of the evil ones.

Father !Can you give them a different heaven
Where people with great sacrifices will be
Call it a heavenly GRA
For the legends alone!Yes the veterans.

– phlegvinyl


Tributes to all Nigerian troops on the battle field ,paying for the comfort of the nation with their lives …#ThankASoldier #AmericanSniper


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