A lot of people have their complaints about the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC); with many saying it has outlived its usefulness and it’s no more worth the stress.

What is your take? My thoughts on the importance of the scheme have always been a good one. As I see it as a platform to make a difference outside my comfort zone. I see it as an opportunity for selfless service.

Right from when I was young, the khaki colours ignited a feeling of “where I want to be when I grow up”. With thoughts that’s envisage my path to the green colours turning into mind pictures in few seconds. It’s been over six months in the scheme, and my experience is summed up in a sentence: I am learning.

One of the most exciting schools that the NYSC has afforded me is the Community Development Service group. It has been an X-raying moment of intellect, brilliance and apt with the best set of people you could ever ask for. We are sharply arranged along different ideological, experiential, religious, and ethnic lines; yet we have been able to collapse these walls of stereotypes and produce an atmosphere of fun.


I like play, so I fit in to any jigsaw puzzle that combines fun and excellence. My CDS is a melting point of these ingredients in a rare match of connection. A few of us had already spent over two weeks in OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service) at the Camp; where we had the fights, hugs, parties and interesting discussions along a wide range of topics. But the group integrated with all, forming a bond that more than the system, we enjoy the company of one another.


I can be very annoying at times. Especially, in times when my head builds a framework of how things are supposed to go, and it doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes also, you can get to be on the receiving end of some vocal mishaps in form of jokes or serious talk if we are working together. However, within this beautiful CDS group, I have continually metamorphosed into better forms and the growth has continued.

Recently, I was involved in a leadership debacle. I have had to deal with a new gift of experience. All my life, I have always being involved in one leadership role or another…but it has never been a case of serving from a higher to a lower position, even after working so hard to make things work. My concern is not more about the drop, but about the Why. And that’s another wonderful addition to my CV for life spent.

My CDS story continues next week Wednesday. You still wondering which of the CD groups I am in… ehm, next week on super story.



Tears flowed freely from my eyes, as I opened my BBM to see the updates. OyinBalz (Jayeismi Oyinlola) used her picture as DP, with a very unclear PM.  I never contemplated this reality, so my mind did not go towards thinking this was what she meant…until the updates multiplied from the clique members. Then my hands began to shake, my legs grew feeble and my mind went on a violent barrage of questions.

I was in the office, preparing for the evening news; so I struggled outside to make a call; to confirm that BBM was deceiving me and the stories were just tales by moonlight that will end after act. Then Oyin picked the line…and we could only confirm each other’s fears with tearful talks. Then I sunk.

Can we just roll back to the place where “The Flash” is real and  he can run back the hands of time to the point where she did not make the journey or the ARROWS where there is a PIT to dip into, I may not mind a Tia. I couldn’t hold back the tears, nothing seemed real and when the spring dried up; my eyes still wanted to cry so my brain stimulated headache in pains. I couldn’t concentrate and other friends continued to call and send IM messages to ask me maybe what I was trying to disbelieve was true.

I was stuck to my phone; constantly perusing BBM, Facebook and Whatsapp updates…maybe there will be a new info. While other friends on my contact list tried to console me with words and thoughts, that I just gave different answers to. Memories flooded my head, moments became real like pictures and it dawned on me that the ones I had were the last I would have with her in it.

I just couldn’t hold, I just couldn’t bear… I just shut down and stopped thinking. I had begun to ask God questions and was becoming uncomfortable with my type of questions. A part of me was feeling responsible as I woke up that morning with a sign that something bad would  happen and I spent few minutes praying for my friends and loved ones. So I shut down thoughts! For now, my God and religious convictions is the center that keeps my life sane, if I lost it at this delicate moment… the next step I can’t imagine.

“It’s been a long day without you my friend…we have come a long way from where we began…” Those sleepless night classes, arguments, smiles, assignments…she just went through Sunnytrouble for nothing? We had the same project supervisor; we did clearance for NYSC together…there were no dull uneducated moments with her. In plain words, she was too good to go.


I am still trying to imagine that all these have become memories. Just last week we talked about how I was going to travel from anywhere I was in the world for your wedding. And she said “Don’t worry, pastor Ope, we love you too and your invite has to be special”.  But now this wouldn’t happen…distance was no barrier to working together. We are both serving in media houses, and for one of my reports; we worked together and she even added her voice to the soundbite. I just pinged her BBM and I am still expecting a reply. This shouldn’t be the route of death now…haba (sobs).

Ikechukwu Onyewuche, I just had to include you cos I cannot imagine the pain you are going through as it was on your birthday and she was a best friend to you. I pray that the lord will strengthened us to live a life of exploits that will immortalize her. That’s the next step…her last BBM update was dedicated to you…be strong (This is hypocritical, as I am fighting the tears 0as I write this paragraph)

In this sadness, I am beginning to appreciate life better and the need to live every second impactful. As if, my pastor knew how it hit me; he called this morning to say he saw my updates…hope my faith is not shaken? I just replied “I shut down sir”. I still haven’t booted, still thinking within the framework of “IF NOTs”. Lamina Temitope, you may physically have gone; but you will forever remain in our hearts.

In her words “I DONT UNDERSTAND”



I was at Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD) yesterday. A few of my friends were doing their convocation and since I stayed close by, going  to celebrate with them was just the right thing to do. The whole place was jam packed with people of different calibre and you could literally learn the names of cars, if you were patient enough to stand and count.

At the entrance of the school is a fountain (Although it didnt rival the Ring road, Benin or Mimiko’s Alagbaka), which informs you that this place is different before beautiful ABUAD inn welcomes you in its splendour.

Structurally, the place was a good view and looked relatively comfortable for a good academic experience. Then I began to relate with some of the students. My friends were still in the hall… the convocation ceremony was still on, attended by the crème de la crème of the society: The Alaafin of Oyo, Governor of Ekiti State, Former INEC boss: Attahiru Jega etc. Then I realised that the supposed luxury I was seeing was not considered so by some of the students.

They listed some of the available vices, attitudes, and most especially the fact that it was still like a boarding house experience for them. But that is not the point joorh… what is the advantage of a private school over a public tertiary institution? Using where I went as an example:

  1. There is a relative comfort: Available internet, comfortable hostels and class rooms, top notch recreational facilities. A good environment to express your creativity and blossom, since the soil you are planted is a good one. But how wont the environment be comfortable based on the amount of money paid for tuition.
  2. Opportunity for building EMPIRES: for you to School in such an environment, you should be come from a family background that is at least above or within the high parts of the middle class. Hence, networking among people that do not have limited resources as an issue would help you think wide and wild. It is almost like a breeding ground for young millionaires ( At least for those that know what they are doing)
  3. Available internet: I mentioned it as part of relative comfort shey? It is worth mentioning on its own o. A 21st century student that does not know how to properly use the web is short-changing him/herself of a wide range of benefits. Hence, the fact that this is readily available is a nest of uncountable opportunities.
  4. The calibres of people that come to visit affect your psyche to know that success is the only way forward. For one of the convocations I think former president Olusegun Obasanjo was around…so when you continue to have the top people in the society visit your learning environment, it gives you an increased sense of responsibility( At least is supposed to).
  5. Comparatively stable school calendar.
  6. There are a lot of fine girls… I hear they do make up even in the night (Lolz). I dint even talk to anyone; I was too busy celebrating my people
  7. any other one you can think of.

However, which of these experiences will you not find in a public tertiary institution? The levels may vary, but at the basic level they are the same thing. Even, there are some patterns that a unique to the public school based on its makeup and heritage. The soul of the message is that irrespective of where you find yourself, make effective use of thing and learn to be the best you can be.

We cannot deny the fact that, your educational background has an effect, but on the long run there is a place of a conscious effort to choose how it affects you. After all the people we celebrate today, some of them came out from the worst of situations.

Congratulations to all by ABUAD people convocating oh….but again, you see. Quick convocation is another advantage, UNIBEN abeg when we dey do our own convocation?

Mon Ami
Mon Ami


I think life was designed to be impacted based on relationships. I believe that greatness is a reality that is made possible by the efforts of more than one person. There might be a face for the feat, but it is a product of the melting heat of more than one heart.

The moral lesson is that people are important to chart a new course. Making wonderful relationships is germane to establishing new frontiers. However, the real issue is meeting the right people who will fill in your blind spots and help you maximise your areas of your strengths. I have heard that you cannot grow above the quality of your relationships, and within my few years around, I have confirmed that it is true.

About 2 years ago, I experienced a writer’s block borne out of confidence issues. My blogs were on curable bareness and things were not looking as if they were going to change soon. Even though writer friends like Ekus, Emmanuel Egombiambu, Ik tried to ginger my writing swagger… it refused to be gingered oh. But here comes, Ogboghodo Odosa and she suggested a blog to me: peaceitimi.blogspot.com. After few seconds of gleaning from the blog, chords were struck and the rhythm could be heard again in beautiful songs. It was so much about the words on the blog but it struck a feeling I could not explain.

This was the beginning of a virtual relationship between me and Peace Itimi. Although, we got to meet once at a Christian Union – Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Student (CUNIFES,UNIBEN/UBTH) service. The shortness of the meet, betrayed the avalanche of content available to learn. But the chats, PMs and social media interactions have been very interesting and inspiring.

Okay, she was plus one yesterday. It’s another opportunity to celebrate one of the most exciting minds walking the earth. Her hunger for excellence is daunting, her urge to impact lives is insatiable and her flow in grace inspiring. Thank God I met her.

Often times, Peace is very surprised at how much people say she has impacted them. I think it’s because she does it effortlessly and to her conscious self it is supposed to be normal. It is a life expression and not a façade (Oya one day, I go reach that level)

Doing what she likes...
Doing what she likes…


  • Relationships are important stepping stones to breaking records and establishing new frontiers.
  • Continually develop yourself to be the picture people want to see when they think of the next phase.
  • When people think of you, read you, meet you…there is always an aura. Live a life that is capable of unconsciously impacting the people around you.
  • Irrespective of how incapable you think you are, continue on the right part and you are sure to leave footprints on the sands of time.
  • Make friends! I mean make good friends…connections that will inspire you and enjoy living a life from an excellent mould


Happy birthday Peace Itimi(http://www.peaceitimi.com/)….. it’s your season



The Conversation

I am a member of a very inspiring whatsapp group.Some questions were asked this evening and I tried to answer them.I just want to share the questions and the answers I gave:



  1. Is there Seniority in the spirit or is it only pastors that can break a curse?

Is there seniority in the spirit? No. There is no senior brother. We were saved to become co- heirs with Christ (Rom 8:17). Do we have the same roles? No, operating in levels of faith as deemed fit by the father (Rom 12: 3). As he is so we are, although we function differently….when God sees you, he sees Christ.


Is it only pastors that can break curses? Curses on who is the first question? If it’s a Christian, how did the curse come about when Gal 3: 13 is in operation in your life, except it’s not. The new covenant is a full package; sometimes we short-change ourselves because we do not allow God’s grace to take its full effect in our lives. Within the new covenant, Christ tore the veil so that the sons can boldly make requests of their father…spo even if you believe that there is a curse, DECREE a thing and it shall be established, ask and it will be done according to you your request.

2. What is the relevance of the scriptures used to the message?

I looked around to see maybe there was a message and a scripture around that necessitated the question but didn’t see so I will just take it from the general perspective. The basis for the message is the scriptures, if cannot be traced to the scriptures then it is not a message for the Christian.

3. Would a loving God curse a son who doesn’t pay tithe?

Tithing is a principle ordained by God that comes with its reward. Will a loving God curse a son that doesn’t? No. God deals with you from the stand point of Christ who obeyed to the latter. But will you receive the blessings attached to tithing? No. its simple and straight. If you want to do the law; do it to the latter…the payment of tithe that existed before the law had no curse attached to it? Nobody had to threaten Abraham with a curse before he paid… but he understood spiritual principles and reaped the benefit.

4. Should I ignore an accident and allow him to die because the only money I have on me is my tithe?

What would Jesus do? The parable of the Good Samaritan carefully captures this scenario. God is love and would he have shown compassion? In a period when law was in proper operation, that disobedience had consequence…David was hungry and ate the shew bread ( Hope you grab the truth here ). And who says helping out someone in need is not giving the tithe in the real way, especially in this scenario where there is no option.

5. What is the store House?

A store house is where treasures are kept. If the question is being asked in the context of the above issue i.e. tithing then it is like a treasury where funds are kept to handle the needs of ministry. Going by the most popular scripture in this theme Mal 3:10 (Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house…), it’s like a treasury to make sure the church is always provided for.