When was the last time you watched a blockbuster movie? A sight that tickles the the part of you that responds to “Excellent Creativity”? Mind blowing arrangement of pictorial and thematic expressions. Wow, my love for films is an exciting strength, although sometimes it can be a powerful distraction. But that is not what we are talking about today. While I watched one of my favourite series:- The Originals, a thought stung me on the mastery of the art of strategic penetrative persistent persuasion ( My coinage, see as the thing long fah) by Hollywood.

They continually sneak in themes they want to give generally acceptability, and continue a gradual push into the minds of their target audience. Yes, there are academic researches into the power of the media to affect the human mind  e.g. the Hypodermic Needle theory; ( Magic bullet) but let me give an unorthodox and practical example that I felt I should share.

The resistance to the issues of gays and LGBT is gradually reducing. Making use of the best of screen plays, they( Hollywood) gradually inject the storyline that portray these people as normal like you ( Which they are in a sense- Generally), living good lives and achieving milestones. Like the continued droplets of water on the rock, the mind continues to wear off its resistance, that you do not even see it as abnormal again. It becomes one of the normal places in the film, you can appreciate it without detesting the act.

My point is, they have continued to use the best of films to pass across sometimes the worst of morals; hence utilizing creativity to help get to the mind directly without the security checks of our moral compass. The more we get exposed to these themes, the more they get subtly appreciated by our mind; building step blocks for more intensive persuasion and adjustment of belief.

Now, what is the message:- be careful what you see because they have the capacity to affect how you think on the long run, by extension how you act. Ehen, for those of us that are attracted by creativity; let us make efforts to create stronger moral blocks (Filter blocks) to crush the negatives before they reach impact points. Do you get what I mean? I hope you do…. I would love comments on what we think on this matter? questions that puncture this thought or expands the horizons of the study? and any other sentiments. This will help for a robust interactive discussion.

Disclaimer: Do I think Gays are normal people like us ? Yes of course. But are they doing the right thing? No. Should I condemn the act? Yes of course, I condemn it vehemently; but do I condemn and judge the people? No now, I be God. Its daddy’s desire that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth( JESUS), but love is the perfect way as shown by the master. This disclaimer is important based on the usage of the gay theme in the post.



The inspiration for this post came this morning, while I was watching a movie on African Magic (showcase). Too bad I met the movie in the middle, so did not get the title. But the major actress I recognized was Yvonne Okoro, who was the Heroine of the movie. She was accused of seducing someone to sleep with her (even though truthfully she was raped), and after pleas that fell on deaf ears, she was punished: She was called forward in the church, her issue mentioned, given suspension and given the back seat. Then the question popped into my head, how do we handle our own that is struggling?  How do we handle a brethren’s fault?

Although, the way the matter was handled in the film and some other spirito-ideological themes were wrong, it pushed me thoughts. Often times, I have seen the way brethren handle the shortcomings of their friends and it’s been very disturbing. What would Jesus do?  I remember a story where an adulterous woman was brought to the master to validate the workings of the law but he bent down and responded the grace way: he condemned her not and told her to go and sin no more.

Often times, the way matters are handled in the church circle has pushed sons farther away from the father, and gave room for pretenders to fill the passage way. Who wants to be the talk of the church, who wants to be put at the back seat? Who wants to be the object of the judgmental eyes of brethren? Few people can bear that, so they die in silence and enjoy the “”sweet sour; life death” experience of sin.

But what do we do? Love is the most excellent way- An expression of love and concern, directed by the intentions of the heart of God. “Live creatively, friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him, saving your critical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgiveness before the days out. Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed. Share their burdens, and so complete Christ’s law. If you think you are too good for that, you are badly deceived” (Gal 6:1. The Message Bible).

The truth is that an attack one is an attack on all, the fall of one is a pain on the body; hence we should understand the importance of doing this rightly. Intentionally, I will not be going into the #BackSeat or other doctrinal “#DoNotSin” methods that we have in the church today. However, the simplicity of the previous paragraph has been complicated by some of the laws and doctrines. Your gossips don’t make things better; your condemnation is not godly; react how Christ would and let your conversations minister grace and bring soothing to the hearer.

Am I saying punishments shouldn’t happen? No. Especially, when it involves organisations and institutions, it is important that there is a deterrent. However, proper teachings should be given to members of the family that we are all in this together and not joining the band that threw stones ( Remember, the side of Jesus when came with stones? His reaction even made people drop the stones). Irrespective of how corporate we want to make the church look, we should not forget that it is a living body with Christ as the head. When love rules the mode of operation of punishment, it has a lasting effect; it causes a change that is indelible in the heart of the person caught in the fault. I will be sharing more on the part of the church (leaders) and the members in other posts (the brevity of this post is important for easy chewing and understanding). But I will like to hear from us, our experiences as regards correcting of faults by your fellow brethren. Have you seen a way that it is being done that you do not like and would want to share? Your thoughts on this are very important, as no Army marches to greater heights if they do not know how to take care of their wounded soldiers.


Greetings people, I have not written in a while, but will make efforts to be more consistent and concise. MeHn, the latest gist now is the postponement of the elections. A lot of people have voiced their opinions on the issues: The Nigerian Association of  Stable Boyfriends (NASB), Federal Government, Opposition ( APC) etc. I have tried to stay away from the political discussions for the sake of National peace and global tranquillity , but the talk continues to find me in my pigeon hole.

Firstly, I have noticed that  some of the major players in this political game, are getting lame at getting their defences up, revealing very obvious loop holes, in their selfish plans to either get or maintain power. Statements from political parties, party stalwarts, apologists, supporters are leaving the threshold of nationalism and patriotism is being sacrificed on the altar of selfish interests. The denial by the oga Koro team ( #EkitiGates) rings a bell,  it is so watery and reveals a primary school textbook reply of a guilty denial( lets not go there jare … it is a laugh- cry matter for me).

The election shift is a matter of concern for a lot of people, whose interest in the coming elections go beyond winning arguments, elections or the boastful shoulder of a shameful “I told you so”. The inability of the government to properly conduct an election after months of supposed planning reveals in fault in the overall system, that we need to begin to solve from the roots. The fact that people could speculate the reaction of INEC ( Postponing the elections, even with the hard-line ” we will not agree” outlook of the Oga jega) shows that some strings are being pulled to give a desired or expected result. The posture of the statement by the Oga Jega reveals ” Its not me oh, See the people wey cause  am”, and this is a worrisome thought to think of an umpire for a game changer. The military( All security agents) have promised to crush the insurgents in six weeks ( Aljazeera); but the question is :- if they could do this, why wait till now? Is this a new form of ability? ( My heart goes to the fallen soldiers,may the lord grant your families fortitude to bear the loss and protect the living ones in their fight against terror).

The blame game continues! it is easy for people to jump to the excuse of security because Nigeria have endured a lot of life losses, but it will be very unfair, if our sufferings( mental, emotional and physical) are being exploited for a greater selfish political gain. In the midst of the charade,there are so many questions to be answered, some of which I have mentioned above. I may not have the answers, but the idea is to beam the spot -light on matters arising. We are all in this together; Nigeria cannot work without me and you. The elections have been postponed, questions are left hanging and unanswered, but the resolve to make sure Nigeria is moving forward should not be compromised for any reason.

Ask me, who I am in support to win to the presidential elections? GMB15 of course ( March for Buhari). But my concern goes beyond my candidate, her name is Nigeria. Irrespective of who wins,we should make efforts to join hands to move this nation forward. I am a Nigerian, I am  Nation-builder, the elections stand postponed; but another time is set in the process of making this nation better.lets do this together.

But what are your thoughts concerning this shift of dates and the matters raised in the third paragraph? Lets see how we can contribute to the debate with apt and tact. Anyway,our valentine must hold this year…