Grace bought yet life not sold
The market being the world we live as sojourners
Yet my head take the turns away from my heart
Sometimes jumping out of his love’s cart

Trapped within the tethers of his love
I misbehave with boundaries
Not that I don’t love him
Sometimes I just don’t want to be to spirit with the koko – SpiritKoko

Its in my heart…he looks at the heart they say
My acts are covered by his grace
It is by faith and not works,
i aint a minister
why head the ministry of works

His yoke is light they say
Why I go con carry am for my head
Thats not scriptural you know?
Shey its for heaven!we will sha go
I can get in the mix without getting lost in the mist

Stop! A voice cries out!
Grace teaches us to avoid iniquity
Ask Titus not the fish though
His spirit quickens our mortal bodies
You are not in him without it
This should stir your path,irrespective of your past
Hope you know the last minute is called past

The kingdom rewards efforts by faith
Dont restrict your expression thinking its fate
To him that laboureth is there a reward
Treasures are found deep within
This mine is easier with christ as your guide

A son does not lose his sonship because he dresses casual
But may not enjoy all the benefits
You are too loved and equipped to be normal
When the kings of kings is your father
Ditch the casual and become the royal

Read during CASUAL organised Pastor Isese Regina


what Next?

Is that all?All the rush of adrenaline and testosterone just for few minutes of excitement that most times do not get to last the last time. The body vibrates because its not on ring,little time for plans after the dial and spontaneity controls the functions of the mind. The heart races in horse-speed,thoughts raging like mighty waves of the ocean, legs dropping and mouths ajar in rhythmic fashion of emotional meaning
It sends cold shrills that shut reason and logic,sometimes digging a pit and willingly falling into it.
   However,there are moments of decision-making. To survive this scare,it is better the boundaries are set in ages before the age. Even though,it takes few seconds for a white shirt to be stained,it takes you playing around the meet shop to be smeared. You do not dig a well when you are thirty,but before the thirst ravages and the hands lose strength.
   Some of us have a lot to lose than the few secs of ecstasy,a lot of the times the secs you put into the planning is not worth the stress of a reasonable thought experience. After the shots,heights,Fun may come the crash of a time;that you are pushed does not allow for you to fall,do the pull.
     Time waits for no man. Life presents itself as long scene punctuated by minutes of rehearsal time,but the performance is usually determined by the preparation. They say God in the race is Grace,but when he is the race some extra luggage need to be shed. Let the weights do the drop so the muscles get up. After this what next?

DTC musing

Its been a very weird couple of weeks.My timeline has been punctuated with a lot of activities though i aint facebook. Bangs in form of friend requests,messages,pokes to reports on the issues of life have affected the knocks on the door. Too many musing but there is a wait for the day the ink will meet the paper.

So much of an experience that’s not so sweet that we look for the honey in the honeymoon.Restrained by the freshness of the nails,the cross remains in view. Bowing to the intentions of the cross the mind meets a cross,one that looks like the Zebra.

Away from the philosophical !tonight was fun jare. With my head raging with thoughts as a storm,I left the room to take a walk armed with my earphones.The breeze gentle,the ears being massaged by the lovely tunes of arugbo Ojo by Kennedy and the heart undergoing the natural therapy,my path crossed some excellent minds doing DTC(Dem tell me the meaning oh,I don forget again). My nose itched without a scratch,but to the aroma from an arrangement of nicely cut potatoes,yams and plantain that have undergone the hell of the pan.There was also an egg sauce to aid the passage down the throat…this people are there for group discussion I thought!But men na so I join the course oh(I now do the DTC) but first of all,i went down low on the plates(Laughing). And after the sumptuous meal with bright minds,the next thing I heard was “Make we start…”,but how people no go pass when :Dem sabi book,food dey and the calmness of the library remained even in the night skies.

To cut the long story short,I follow them do DTC,especially the part that filled my stomach’s C(Cup) and now,its time to read my own course oh!.I have not written in a while,so I combined my experience with tonights experience