Re:What if we just loved gay people

I read a wonderful blogpost this evening:(  .It emphasised by love stance towards issues of live and Christian living.But I had a little comma and my reactions follow in the next few paragraphs.

“Its a nice write up and I am totally in support of a love reaction from xtians and not condemning attacks.However, we shld still nt make them cool about living in sin.
My only issue is this paragraph: ” Joel osteen said in an interview that even homosexuals will go to heaven because heaven isnt about our sins but about believing in Jesus. So if God wont throw them out, who are we to?”while heaven is about believing in Jesus,it is important to understand that this believe is nt just “Mental attitude” but translated into response to the spirit of God.The modus operandi of grace is responding to the workings of Gods spirit. To a section this sounds like “Being gay is okay,just continue ‘believing” in God,and you will be in heaven”..lolz.Yle I knw that this is not your thought,bt it can be deduced.
Love is supreme,christ blood paid all(Future,past and present) to enable us live above sins in him….and not enjoy it using his grace as an excuse. #GraceSpeed”


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