“You are very wicked!how will you feel if you pass and your classmate fails” and other statements relating to this are part of the labels that christians and moral folks recieve during examination; and this is because they refuse to take part in examination malpractice.The term “Examination malpractice” remains a term that has recieved different definations to suit experiences.Also known as “Chukuli”, “Expo”, “Googleli”,some limit it to meaning: bringing extra assistance in form of phones,papers,writing on body parts etc removing the talking in exam hall,after – exam blockings from the exclusive list.
        My focus today is streamlined to sons(I.e believers),because we have been enabled by grace to live above life excesses.We have more understanding than our teachers because we study Gods precepts.And functioning from the riches of his favour gives us an already established edge that does not go against exam rules,ethics and value principles. The  popular news defination says that when a dog bites a man,its no news ; but when a man bites a dog,it becomes a news- its alien to the nature of christ within you to cheat in exam hall, hence it is a news.
       For the sake of clarity,examination malpractice accomodate all forms of assistance by a person within and outside the  exam hall,that gives you an illegal advantage e.g sorting(Cash and kind) of lecturers to influence results,talking in examination hall,bringing external materials(Phone,paper,internet) etc. As christians,we are one with God,hence we are naturally supernatural.You are too loaded to contemplate functioning from the world’s point of view.
     Whats your defination of success?Passing examination by all means…Like through every hook and crook.It is who you are and by virtue of you being a co-heir with christ;you are a champion. It is not normal for you to “cheat”,see how it sounds sef to associate the ransomed with the world.I am not in the biz of condemnation,but making us understand in few words,why saints dont negotiate the bends of any form of stain.
       Is it Love to help out a friend in exam hall depending on situation?Hmmm!(Deep breathe and sigh),It is not.God is love and is God a cheat?every christian living is within the bounds of the spirit.Love is living in accordance to the nature of God,which is embedded in a spirit led life operation.Some cases sound very humane to respond to,but compromising always has its consequence.For instance as you wanted to “help out” and you were caught,You will say you were persecuted for righteoueness sake?lolz
        Christians are to shine as lights in everything we do,even though doing the wrong is gradually becoming the norm.Thats why we are lights in darkness and thats why we are salts to give taste and preserve the world;what do you think happens if we misplace our identity and becomes like them. Have you ever why people say stuffs like “Later he will say he is a christian oh “,when we do what others consider normal…cos you have moved from death to life.
       I beseech you brethren with the mercies of God that you read your book,go to classes and learn your trade well,for within you lies a spring of living water that will distinguish you.You might be persecuted but it is only for a while,staying with God is always the best decision to be made.And please do not be stingy with knowledge,teach as much as you can if you know before exams,so your mind is free to stay right in the fight.Even the best of bread gotten from deciet,looks sweet at first but it will turn to grains of sand with time….envy not the temporal gains of “cheats”(Dem dey do am dey pass well oh),but function based on your nature for your reward is eternal.

# StayGraced4Excellence #GraceSpeed….


Peaceful?To what Extent..

I stumbled on this thought today,and I want to share my reply:
” @Gbemiro, Jesus said so, He also said “if someone slaps you on the left cheek turn the right cheek to him, if someone takes your shirt, give him your coat also”, so what do these implies? We need to understand the context to which Jesus was speaking. He said love your neighbor according to yourself, implies, you need to love yourself first and foremost then according to that standard, love your neighbor, Jesus already died for us to live, we do not need to die for any one. Now to my earlier point, Jesus said, I have come to fulfill, accomplish, complement the laws not to abolish them. If the Bible says do not suffer a witch to live, pls kill all witches in your vicinity, if God says destroy the amalekites pls destroy them, 1sam15:14-23, if God say curse any unproductive trees around your life, pls curse them, if God says uproot any evil plants around your life, pls uproot them. The Hamas are not meant to live, they must continue to die, and any one allowing these people to hide under his/her shelter will likewise perish with them. This is the word of The Lord, so it is written, so it shall be”

My Response:

# Smiling ….
It is very important we get to understand scriptures within ita context.God is love,and the fruit of his indwelling is love(Gal 5 : 22),back to the scripture you quoted “Loving your neigbhour as yourself”(Matt 19 :19),the whole story ends with the man telling Jesus that he had done all that(Including the love your neigbhour as yourself) and Christ told him to go further than that. We need to understand that the death of christ fulfilled the law and his rising brought us into a new reality of a spirit filled life which should control our actions.
The capacity of the holyspirit gives us the heart to love in an uinmaginable dimensions.The apostles preached the gospel to the end of their life(An act only love can do). When you kill all the witches and all the Haram,Hamas,you will preach the gospel of peace to who?with the way you are going if you were Aenaneas and God sent you to pray for soul(you will cast of the spirit).
Now the question is they are killing us now,should we just fold our arms and watch them?Lets leave that to the armed Forces(dat why we have them) and they are free to engage hostile forces(Correct!);self defence is allowed but love reigns supreme as christians.
As many that are led by the spirit of God,they are sons.
“I” choose to see the onslaught as a call for sons to take their place and reign in authority.The earth awaits the manifestation of the sons of God(Rom 8:19).Respond with Love,do you belief that it is possible for them to send a bomb and we dismantle it on our knees?If in the old covenant the church was impactful (Elijah informed the king of enemy attacks …),can you imagine what can happen if we choose to stand as salts to preserve and lights to show the way under the new convenant?
I believe God to defend his own,let us activate that believe into actions(To the xtians…be stirred into spiritled actions).
Do we serve the same God(xtian n islam)?obviously not.The only way to God(We believe in)  is Jesus Christ but religious tolerance is greatly encouraged and the xtian love is love beyond boundaries.
# Selah

Worded Gunners…

I woke up this morning to a very beautiful atmosphere.The clouds darkened,thick air of exams flooded the blocks and some were still asleep from the previous day read.However,I still had time to do my morning reads and I stumbled on the new arsenal kits and the story behind them.
It blew my mind and I want to share about it.This is away from the normal “spiri-practical” posts but its worth the post(Read).In life,nothing just happens and behind every excellence there is a  passion oriented story,that powers the tradition and belief.Before I continue into my thoughts,this was what I read:

” The blue and lime green Future cup kit will be worn by Arsenal away from home in cup competitions, including the Champions League and FA Cup.

It symbolises the desire for innovation and progression that has driven the club through its history, resulting in Arsenal becoming the first team to wear numbers on shirts and the first club to have stadium floodlights.

It also acknowledges the focus on youth development that has become synonymous with the club.

The home kit stays true to the traditional red and white Arsenal colours that first appeared in 1933. It represents Forever, inspired by the strong and loyal fan base Arsenal has built over the years, and the importance of this community to the Gunners.

From the very beginning, Arsenal supporters have been at the heart of the club, a sentiment that stands true today as Arsenal’s appeal continues to spread across every corner of the world.

Victorious is the theme of the away shirt, designed in the iconic yellow and navy blue colours worn by Arsenal during some of their most famous victories away from home, including in the 1971 and 1979 FA Cup finals and for the title-winning victory at Anfield in 1989…(Culled from an article on the new team kits on

This speaks volume of a tradition of excellence,not brought low by a trophy drought of about 8years. This team stood strong in the midst of all the storms and by #Grace(Lolz bt seriously) we won our FA Cup.

What have I learnt: Continually put at heart your roots,feed it with the best of  nourishment and its only a matter of time,It will blossom.

#Worded is what I call the above culled text,little wonder the #ChristianGunners I know are usually very worded. It takes “faith”,to stick with a mother in labour for 8years,haba..where e dey happen?lolz.

I know some #christianGunners : Dan Obaro Ekorhi, Imonikebe Tejiro ,Othniel Cicinho ,…..dem too plenty.Long wonders why we the gunners stick together in the midst of the insults et all?Dan puts it as :
GUNNERS… Victoria Concordia Crescit. Victory Through Harmony


Re:What if we just loved gay people

I read a wonderful blogpost this evening:(  .It emphasised by love stance towards issues of live and Christian living.But I had a little comma and my reactions follow in the next few paragraphs.

“Its a nice write up and I am totally in support of a love reaction from xtians and not condemning attacks.However, we shld still nt make them cool about living in sin.
My only issue is this paragraph: ” Joel osteen said in an interview that even homosexuals will go to heaven because heaven isnt about our sins but about believing in Jesus. So if God wont throw them out, who are we to?”while heaven is about believing in Jesus,it is important to understand that this believe is nt just “Mental attitude” but translated into response to the spirit of God.The modus operandi of grace is responding to the workings of Gods spirit. To a section this sounds like “Being gay is okay,just continue ‘believing” in God,and you will be in heaven”..lolz.Yle I knw that this is not your thought,bt it can be deduced.
Love is supreme,christ blood paid all(Future,past and present) to enable us live above sins in him….and not enjoy it using his grace as an excuse. #GraceSpeed”


If you girls hear about what guys say about you, you’lld probably give up on life, the same way guys don’t know that the girl they think the used and dumped is actually feeling like she has scammed the guy, we are all confusing ourselves. Sometimes I wonder “if there is no sex in a relationship could one party still cheat? We have based our relationships on material and sexual speculations. These days you don’t even need a bright future to ask a girl out, just hold small cash look a little bit good, and she’lld be falling head over heels for you, and the inverse part is for the girl to just look sexually attractive and that’s a signed deal.

The new world order is “guys have money, and girls have body”. Education is a thing of the past. Since girls have understood what will make them attractive to guys, the spend their time front of the mirror, looking for a way to make her breasts more convincing, and their butt more seductive. Well I blame them not, because the girls with the most “boobs show” get the most followers on twitter, the most likes on instagram, the whole world is now “sex engulfed and entangled”.
   You dare not say you are a virgin at 16, or else you’lld have the utmost stratification. Our latest song videos are more or less adulterated porn, twerk videos on youtube gets the most views. Who I fear for most are the newest additions to the “teenage cliq” they are learning too fast, getting influenced by the “littlelest” of actions, children now have more “sexrientation” than even adults. And there is upper room urge to try all that has been seen.

Then some little ones break up from relationships based on “crush” and yet they claim to give up on love.

In all I’m not saying you should be a loner, but do only will benefit you positively, smile always, love God because life is more difficult than we think, so start balancing your life. In all thy getting get understanding and wisdom 

-Jordan B
(Fine Art,Graphics Major,University Of Benin)


I am used to calling the church “house”,cos my sweetest memory of what it should look like comes from my times in school, where a lot of the fellowships identify themselves by house e.g House of CU-NiFES (where I am being trained). And when you understand the meaning of house in its truism,you begin to paint a picture in your heart which gets stuck in your head of what the church should look like.
        The “house” depicts family living,built on love,understanding and Unity.Where we understand that everybody is important,and by virtue of our relationship,we should care for each other.
However, sadly the experience is gradually phasing away.Now the church is one of the place people expect to get hurt. Brethren are scared to share burdens and even the breaking of bread in homes looks like an erased ancient Land marks.But I choose not to bother on the negatives but show the beauty of a life of love.
      There is beauty when I know that,I have a congregation of brethren who will take my case as theirs when I am in trouble and not join in throwing blows.Where struggles can be shared and we are sure,we wouldnt be stung by our sharing.
The church : a place where real people serve a real God.I don’t feel Like I am holier than my brother because I understand that I am the righteousness of God in christ Jesus and so is he.We do not explain levels by filthy rags(Self Righteousness).
     The church: brothers love their sisters genuinely and protect them from harm I dont mean forming ‘blocking 4‘ oh,but a spirit controlled expression of sincere care and not taking advantage of relationships brought about by “TheHouse“(If no be fellowship,una fit no even see eyeball to eye ball).
     The Church:I know I am weak,but  am very sure of refreshing. Speeches laced with Love slap me front,left and Centre.Our conversation triangulates into realms of spiritual excellence:ministering grace to our spirits….

I dont want to bore you with reading,so I will stop here to continue as led…but lets be the church and not look for it elsewhere.Stop trading blames and trade Love.


I hear a war cry in my spirit,as we are in the last of the last days and his spirit is being poured upon all flesh in measures unimaginable.There will expressions of the spirit of God as never seen before,as sons will begin to grow into full maturity of their newness:functioning as willing pathway for the spirit of God to invade earth.
Upon the waters of the earth,will his voice run causing lives to be transformed and Love seen like never before.
A love that casteth out fear,not functioning from the reality of fear of punishment but of a close relationship with the father.The spirit of wisdom is in operation bridging the gap between the knowing and doing what you know.
Faith and confidence borne out of confidence in the work of christ and God who is able to keep us perfect and spotless to the time of his coming will pervade the earth.
Sons!Arise and march on territories,snatching out the lost souls from the hands of the law of sin and death.Giving soothing to the groanings of the earth who await your manifestation.Arise and shine,for your light has come and the glory of the lord has risen upon thee…Not drunken in wine,wherein in excess and carrying as you move along in overfilling of the holyspirit
It is time,the unexpected will rise up as the drybones have been spoken to and out of them will rise an army never seen in the history of the world.For out of the mouths of babes and sucklings will come perfect praise and the glory of the lord shall be greater than the former.
Thus sayeth the lord of Hosts!