They say the cloud that is filled with water

burst into tears as rains

But why doesn’t it happen when it comes to life’s matter

For hearts that are pumped up,end up in time drains


My Ears tingled after the speech

My spirit  excites after the “preach”

The heart formed pictures after the Touch

Yet,at the rising of the sun; the effect is less much


Times and times, the words have stirred in my head

Piercing the fabrics of my soul like the needle and thread

But it remains there as if it is scared to be bared

Denying the congregation of bread


How do I make this fire burn longer?

Add more firewood the people shout!

But only he that “lights” the fire, knows why the pot gets black; 

Yet the food is not cooked…


But ITIMI has touched me this time

And the farmer is ready to gather  the type of wood 

That fits the kind of food

I will not stop, because I failed the last time

I will try again and again, until I get the gain


ITIMI! the view of water that gives the deer hope

The sound of thunder, that makes the farmer happy

I will keep this feeling for a long time and not mope

For once again, the Ink from the pen drops…this time to fulfill the purpose of daddy


                                                                                                      –   PHLEGVINYL 2014

I dropped my pen…but peace Itimi made me pick it up again.  Lightening struck! and something popped. Always try to be an inspiration, never allow the falls of yesterday, prevent you from climbing when there is a ladder today






Actually, what does this mean to a growing youth? Intentionally I will be avoiding quoting a lot of scriptures; but will function with the bounds of the scriptures. I really really love God,but I have a struggle?something that easily clings to me…A doubt that makes me feel bad when ever daddy is around(his presence). Matters are even made worse, when I am made to understand that “he that is born of God does not commit sin? Haba, then why do I still do those things that the bible call sin…Am I sure I am born again? Wondering!!!

I was once asked,God calls me righteous and I live like a sinner,who do I call a liar?If I am being told ,when I become a christian my nature is changed(Being a sinner is a nature) ,how do I combine the realities of an old act in a new nature? Dont get it twisted, I love God. I really do, you can decide to judge me and decide for me that I don’t really love him…but that is your own cup of tea oh!!!

Fortunately, I have surmounted the hurdles of guilt and understand that Christ doesnt condemn me but wants me to go and sin no more. But it hurts me to continue to abuse the precious gift obtained from the riches of his grace. I really don’t want to give up, but I am getting tired. Crossing over to the other side is not an option, but the fear is that I might remain lukewarm? And in a letter written to a church, God says he will spit out the lukewarm #Lobatan

When I ask questions, I am encouraged with “It’s the word…the word! Continually renew your mind with the word”. Oh! I am trying to ” jack” the word,the more I am knowing,the more I feel bad about my falls…because I know I have the ability not to fall within;but why do I fall? What is the bridge between the knowing and the doing? How do I know I am not doing head knowledge as you call it? “Oro wa oh”(yoruba).

The biggest problem is that prophecies are hanging over my head; the thought of disappointing God is a huge one and sometimes keeps my mind roaming. God is doing something new in my life, I am told; but I am not seeing it.

Judge me for all you can…think me a hypocrite because I am something inside and another thing outside…laugh at the situation if you can? But many have this struggle without knowing what to do? What should I do?

#Singing Chris Delvans Gwamna…

God is doing something new in my life

God is doing something powerful in my day

He is fulfilling all of the prophecies(promises) he made to me

He will not stop!He will not stop!Until I look just like him

He will not stop!He will not stop!Until I look just like him


When its over !when its over !when its over!

suddenly suddenly I will look just like him

Suddenly suddenly I will look just like Jesus


i may not see it …I may not feel it

I may never know it,but suddenly suddenly

I will look just like Jesus!!!

Phlegvinyl (2013)