In life,there is always a push in the emotions of opposite sexes to want to click. Like when a boy likes a girl or a girl likes a boy and they want to get serious with the whole emotional matter.N:B I do not consider gay relationships as normal hence,it is not under consideration.
           It grows with age,and begins at the adolescence. Although there exist a small minority of people that have been able to manage the feelings in form of celibacy or other decision making processes. But why not hook up is the matter;when you know you want to?
          I am above 18,that means I am legally a mature adult. I can vote in elections,take alcohol,be held responsible for my actions etc hence,why not now?why can’t I get a girl friend to love and hold?why should I not fill the void in my heart that cries for the name of a sister? Why not fall into a sleep so that a rib is taken to form my eve?Why not now?
           You know I continue to ask myself these questions. I am in the university,my mates turn to moving sculptures at night,others get warmth in the cold of the night,few religious ones tell me “I can kiss now,shebi its only sex that is wrong” etc…the pressure mounts,but deep down within me,my heart cries out “You are not ready bro!”.
           Why not now?It is not now because even though I am almost through with school,I believe emotional attachments come with responsibilities that I am not ready for. It is difficult to enter into a relationship at this time of my life and not want to touch (Tongues,Fire,Gods word etc don’t cover natural feelings and crave,they only teach you how to live above them). Sometimes even the sounding of the instructions of the bible into our ears are not strong enough to cancel the cravings as we really really want to respond to the wants of our bodies….even the most spiritual can fall if not careful. Am I ready to handle such?Wont I fall into temptations if I allow the openings?
            Why not now?I am not scared of my heart being broken but scared of scars in my relationship with my father in heaven. Hence,I choose to pause,until my spirit and heart shouts ready!Are their temptations?yes there have been. Have I fallen at some points?Obviously.But to prevent further matters arising,I choose to wait.
         I am young and still has enough time.My mates miga
ht be having fun but I too will continue my fun void of vices.I actually know it is not easy to stay away from sexual immorality at this present age,but hanging unto God has been and forever remains the only source of strength.
         To those that are struggling(Sincerly),I pray for strength for you to surmount in Jesus name.
          It is not “now” because I need to understand myself to an extent before I add another person.It is not “now” because I respect and value ladies,and dont want to have long lists of “BrokenHearts” . It is not now because self development is key to proper development,bonding and pairing.

A tribute to all young boys who have made up their mind to stand firm,be good and be excellent Husbands. Keep the fire burning



Trapped in the mind-need to have the masculine
We make mistakes and cross nature’s line
Giving our hearts to be broken
Like lamb to the slaughter,down to the oven

They are all the same
Then we miss those that have the real flame
Our being, suffering dignity drain
Because we now go on journeys without brain

Others run to the other extreme
Make up their minds to get all they want like cream
Breaking the seal of value and dignity
And hiding it under the “I dont care” label

Oh!your beauty radiates in the sight of thy creator
Like the lush flower under the morning dew
Never allow your heart go on journey with excuses
But in true love and logic,let the magic be found

The guns will always come searching
But in what state will I be found
The custodian of the use and dump Or the beauty of the evergreen?

Choose not strong heartedness as defence
But a good heart with sense
Pick up and reign from the heavenly essence
For though it seems boring,it ends in greatness



Sex! Why was this process initiated in the first place? Before going into the available avalanche of questions, let us settle in on an introduction. The bible uses “Know” to sometimes refer to this act of content exchange (naturally and supernaturally).


Have you ever wondered why? The depth of the process cannot be overemphasised. It is an act that needs to be properly taught before it is done. At every point in scripture that “knew” was used, something was born…that means away from the physical, sex in itself is processes that births forth other substance. Little wonder it is used as a medium of worship in some religions.

Sounds so spiritual? Now the thoughts roll in : “’I dont attach such significance jare’, ‘time is short and I need to enjoy myself’ ,’Its just to get in and come out now; sometimes with the use of contraceptives or rain coats. There is no big deal about it’”. It is more than that!


However, my focus is not on the sex but the woman. While growing up in secondary school, the principal and his partners will spend hours advising the ladies on why they should not be part of premarital sex(Boyfriend and girlfriend) matters and it annoyed us(Boys). “Why this people dem dey spoil our show now? (These days na girls dey ask boy out oh), were part of our complaints .Today, I know better. It’s interesting to add that those talks did not stop the ladies from saying yes in the evening.

The woman bears the bulk of the consequences and effect. She will be the one to get pregnant, might be the one to lose school, Oh! She will be the one to do the abortions. Few guys want to have relationship (Marriage) with “Padlocks that have been opened with many keys” etc…

Oh! My heart bleeds for them but…Some have lost the value of the act (Sex) to numerous thoughts: money, love, prestige, fun etc. To some, it is just now an act that needs to be enjoyed and nothing more. “I dont care” always cares when she has an opportunity to come back to her senses. Irrespective of your reasons, you sell yourself cheap when you have sex outside marriage(I can see people stoning me for this);you give out an invaluable asset.

Have you ever wondered why one comes with a seal (that has to be broken) and the other does not? I am just imagining God taking time to prepare an excellent product, so you have to break a seal to get it (Most expensive materials come with seals to be broken…You see things like “if broken, return ” or “Do not collect”).

Also, this is not a slight to non-Virgins but a call to proper understanding of what they (women) carry. If I am to date 5boys, you should know I have had sex with all…haba, are you a free to air satellite? Forget the jest! Have you wondered why guys go through heaven and earth to get in and when they do…things change? Because, it is a trophy.

For some, it is now an open bird nest for any bird to perch on.

Furthermore, back to the bible. God so values sex that he uses it to explain a relationship bought with the death of his son. Even before the dispensation of grace, Hosea’s story gives a surface understanding. It is valuable my dear sister, please do not throw it to the dogs! No matter who the person is…Your dignity is important. It is difficult to wait! yes I know…Temptations everywhere, but it is worth the wait.

I like this illustration, a night before the wedding, the man can in the spirit of truth tell the wife, he has slept with more than 5 ladies but if she tells him same(either he is guilty or not),there will always be a nudge of “Are you sure that this the correct road to follow?” Unarguably, again some do not even care.

If GOD is not in support of your sexual activity, then the devil is! You can be rest assured of  your end if the devil is in support of you.



I was discussing with a friend this same matter and he said “When a key Opens plenty padlock, it is called Masters key, but when all keys can open a padlock……


All to the same point
And I continue to loose count
Flowing seriously are issues like a river mouth
And it seems as if it is a lost fight

The dew watereth my soul
Blood ,once shed for all eternity
But the wars continue to rage
In the battlefied of the Mind

The word! The word ! I hear from a distance
I hear!I hear I respond with a confused stance
As between the know and the do
The journey seems so far

Alas,for as fierce as it is
It remains a war of love
Where the conforter remains like a dove
Continuing to give counsel…

I am tired!can’t I just cross
Nah….I know at least enough to stop that mess
I can’t keep up;my body complains
Daddy is working says the spirit

What will I do as I remain a trophy for both worlds
I will not turn back because I know he loves me
Guilt will I not feel,but remorse unto repentance

I see a day…when the dews will fall on gold
And the sun will no longer give me rays
For my exceeding reward awaits me
Hence I will press on



Gathered in school for the books
But we found a stronger hook
Functioning under an eternal clock
Though we are many;we are one body

And then they striked…
Followed by other strikes in persons
Then the split like the read sea
Waiting for the rod and Moses

For some the covering dropped
Others had curves to manoeuvere
Dew fell but didnt reach some grounds
Many reactions under the shining sun

And the Rod has been stretched
The parted sea is together again
Once again we await the rain as one
Bounded as irons to sharpen Iron

Sound the bells…roll the carpets
For the arrival of royal priesthoods
The line of distance has been removed
Once again…we can go together as one.


I am a lamb burning with fervency

With heat to fight the coldness around

And  light and beacon to my generation

Because he s my sufficiency


I spring forth with a exciting splendour and efficiency

The creature earnestly awaits my next move

For  i  am to show the world;the manifold wisdom of God

Because he is my sufficiency


Every mountain has been surmounted

The valley has been exalted

The hill has been made low;crooked path straight

Because he is my sufficiency


Your grace is like perfume

Like a fragrance exploding to making impact

The glory of the lord is upon me

Because he is my sufficiency


I am a royal diadem

A template of the cross

A minister in his vineyard

Because he  is my sufficiency